High Elo Korean URF Madness!

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SPOILER: They buy wards


  1. everything is better in Korea i swear

  2. A Wild Rengar Appeared

    I thought URF stood for Ultra Rapid Fire, not Ultra Rapid Fiora

  3. I had to pause video half way through just to say that Pray is a Fiora God!

  4. that fiora

  5. Beyblade Garen

  6. I enjoyed the editing.

  7. Really enjoyed Pray on fiora at 1:30. Really good mechanics

  8. Can you tell me the song that you used? =D

  9. Fiora?? Alistar??Black Neo(Matrix)?? Fucking Tryhard…

  10. You got garen all wrong.
    You mash all 3 buttons nonstop. That way you move faster and take less

  11. That perma spin Garen made my day.

  12. It looks just like regular urf…

  13. i played urf garen in aram had to spam e too when i let it spin it had 2
    sec cd but u have to cancelll it al the time

  14. Best Jarvan in the EUNE region

    and yet not a single galio in all these clips. feelsbadman

  15. URF is truly the future of competitive League of Legends

  16. Name of the song pls :O

  17. if you keep pressing e at the rate the live cam was showing in the garen
    clip you would end up cancelling the spin :/

  18. What song is this? I hear it everywhere but can’t find it :(

  19. christian de lange

    Wow that looked so awesome XD

  20. Why can’t everybody play like this (or at least try) getting really tired
    of the fizz/shaco/xerath bullshit

  21. Who is the song?

  22. That ending Lee Sin v Leblanc is pure bliss


  24. nice video, too bad the music is overused ^^, fiora and lucian op :D

  25. tons of damage :D

  26. too funny editing

  27. Are we playing same game?

  28. MvmnmmvmnmMVMNMMVMNM MvmnmmvmnmmMVMNMMVMNMMVMNMvmnm

    that fiora play was sick

  29. fiora O_O

  30. urf is everywhere just not on live servers ResidentSleeper

  31. what this song?

  32. Holy shit Pray survived for SOOOO long.

  33. Thats URF alright in every region ;3

  34. pls music

  35. Nhựt Nguyễn

    wow Pray 1 vs 4. Perfect fiora moments

  36. 1:06

  37. ultra rapid fiora


  39. OMG. That Garen part is so perfect. I’m in tears.


  41. What’s the song name?

  42. i love that intro 😀
    And as always, cool video dude!

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    you guys subscribed to me and helped me out, thank you for taking your time
    reading this and have a nice day :)

  44. wonderful

  45. madness mean crazy

  46. This song is awesome lol

  47. Pray is a fucking god, that tussle with fiora lasted a solid minute against
    multiple enemies with less than a quarter health.

  48. Reckon you could do another one of these for URF? I loved it.

  49. First time i see a korean Keyboard

  50. song name ? :o

  51. great video, subbed

  52. Rileyjuyjuyyu Maierjuyjuyjuy

    what is the song

  53. What is the name of that song in this video?

  54. exactly the same i found on my games in euw tbh

  55. 2:54 i remember this, where is it from. THe music i mean

  56. Hey buddy you did great man good editing good clip selection, keep doin
    what ya doin

  57. What is the song?

  58. When you see flawless on lee sin you know it’s gonna be good

  59. Music ? ;3

  60. TheInstinctDude TheInstinctDude


  61. music please?

  62. nice video, I get video for montage, yet!

  63. so fun, I want more!

  64. Music ?

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