Here’s Why You Need to Check Out the OFFICIAL F-Zero Jazz Album

The music in F-Zero is wildly popular, especially amongst shredding metal guitarists. But what about those of us infected with the spirit of Jazz? Nintendo has you covered. Big time.


“Music:” or “Royalty Free Music from Bensound”


  1. you have an extremely symmetrical face

  2. 0:25 Total Annihilation had an epic soundtrack

  3. What are YOUR favourite video game tunes? What are your favourite versions of those tunes? Let me know in the comments below!

  4. oh wow. where do I start?
    Grim Fandango
    Total Annihilation (and Jeremy Soule in general)
    The Amon Tobin Splinter Cell albums
    1080 Snowboarding
    Banjo Kazooie

  5. Hey Lou, this is a great find! I discovered it when i was OST hutning this winter, the album itself is quite hard to find! Great video.

  6. Some of my favorites…

    Streets of rage 2 – it’s a classic, with so many great covers and reinterpretations. (I love the original version of ‘Spin on the bridge’)
    Not a hero – compilation of chip tune artists. Spectacular.
    Hyper light drifter – gorgeous.

  7. Music starts at 5:33 if you dont wanna hear this guys bullshit

  8. check out Marty Friedman’s stuff if u like F Zero’s music THE DRAGONS KISS

  9. Love your video

  10. Rest in Peace, Jaco.

  11. Teophiel's Chronicle

    Classical game tunes I still remember Donkey Kong’s tunes, love them so much!

  12. F-Zero was my second game on the original Super Nintendo and probably the game I played most in my 13-14 years. I wasn’t initially a fan of the soundtrack because both the genre and the SF audio-chip sounds were not my favorite (coming from the much more “grainy” C=64 Sid chip and listening most to rock and raggae at the times). But just playing the game infinite times I slowly developed an unexpected fonding for this music and I recognized the value fully. The Arranged album is still of a genre that I can’t stand much. I’m sure it’s a great album but personally I don’t like it, especially in all its 80s “sugar-coating” (production and mixing). Although I would really love to hear some different styled reinterpretation. Or maybe I’ll try it myself 🙂 Anyway thanks for the great video!
    I don’t know what is my absolute fav video game sountrack but Driller (Matt Gray), Commando (Rob Hubbard), Hawkeye (Jeroen Tel) and Parallax (Martin Galway) are all there, all from C=64 era.

  13. Wow, my video really seems to be blowing up today. Didn’t expect this. Big thanks to everyone for watching and commenting (especially the haters ;P) and I hope you stay tuned for a new video every Monday!

  14. Your head movement is very unnatural. It looks like every cut was your 20th take, if that makes since. You have to do something to change up that delivery man. The content is great. Good luck.

  15. loved the video, couldn’t stand that voice over though. just use your regular voice and personality

  16. Great vid Buddy! just a little feedback, you sit a bit too close to the camera. go for the mid shot.

  17. Potentially only rivaled by that Chrono trigger jazz album, brink of time

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