Here We Come | All-Star 2017 – League of Legends

The stars have arrived. Who will rise and who will fall?
Find out at , December 7-10.
More info at

Music: “The Drum” by The Seige


  1. nhật trường phạm

    1:06 GodVi Take down Demon King.

  2. Fan “LEVI” Ackerman đâu cho tôi thấy cánh tay các bạn nào ???

  3. BRTT >>>> Doublelift

  4. Bjergsen – _The guy who never made it out of groups_

  5. Bronzil OMEGALUL

  6. The man, the meme, the legend

  7. Where are Rekkles, Bjergsen and doublelift?

  8. Thaldrin reyiz için as bayrakları

  9. The Faker highlights had me dying LMAO

  10. Rexpeita o pai

  11. Faker with his crown! ?? “The crownless again shall be king.”

  12. Faker is pretty much done and now we can worship the new demon king crown. All hail SSG Crown!

  13. BrTT >>>>>>>Doublelift

    Never forget

  14. Where is Sexpeke?

  15. Faker went full JoJo lmao

  16. Cringe pose

  17. Laboratório de Zaun


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