Here Is A Colorful Game With Themes Of Cartoon Genocide

Here is Phantast, it’s a game you can look at. You wouldn’t think it at first glance, but it’s a game about genocidal land seizure in which the persecutors are the heroes. At least that’s the way I’ve chosen to read it.


  1. HarveyVolodarskii

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy these still exist, yay

  2. Jim, you know how to make me laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time. Lol

  3. I really can’t get over the crosshair being so shakily drawn.

  4. They released this game now because they had to give the other games chances at the 2020 awards

  5. The game was going to give me nightmares, then Jim described his dreams and now I am scared of sleep.

  6. Jesus Jim you don’t know how happy I am that the squirty plays are back. I’ve been using your soothing voice in the old ones as sleeping aids

  7. Good job figuring out what the game is about because I still have absolutely no idea what I’m looking at.

  8. This game is what I picture is the inside of Jim Sterlings mind

  9. Oh my God the return of squirty plays makes 2021 already phantast….ic.

  10. Yerp… more ‘creative’ toliet paintings from Jim Sterling….. and I don’t mean the game that has more work put into it then jims entire YT career really.

  11. “Since then the Phantasts have lived PRODUCTIVE and happy lives.”

    That’s a curious choice of words :

  12. “If you squint, there’s *almost* an artstyle”
    Made my day :’D

  13. Jim mentioning “I made a game with zombies in it” made me realize that was the last time I actually had a fun time with a zombie game.

  14. I’m so glad these are still a thing. I miss the “HELLO YOU…” intros.

  15. I didn’t realize how much I missed Jim playing shitty games on steam until now

  16. the developer of this game took a massive bong rip and then said to his mate ‘what if caspar was an UNfriendly ghost??’

  17. The combination of the music and the fact that Jim sounds ever-so-slightly-drunk makes this entire thing gloriously uncomfortable.

  18. This must be that Hades game I’ve heard so much about

  19. ‘As a colonialist named Mr. Colonialist, nothing less would be expected of you.’

  20. I’ll be honest, after Jim’s worst of 2020, this seems actually playable.
    Well done, triple aye gaming, well f*ing done.

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