Hearthstone Team leaked meeting footage

the devs discuss the state of the shaman class and brainstorm to find the most fair and balanced way to help him out in the metagame



  1. *reads* video released: 1d



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  2. upvoted cuz memes

  3. This is brilliant, beyond brilliant.

  4. i knew what card paul allen would have and i still laughed so hard great

  5. Awesome editing! Good work

  6. This is one of the best videos I’ve seen! Keep up the good work man!

  7. wow, them edits

  8. I would switch Hallazeal for doomhammer

  9. This is great, Googler! I really hope this is going to reach frontpage of

  10. Its weird how 2 months ago saying shaman would be the dominant class would
    get you laughed at

  11. Great edit! Just one question: What is this from?

    edit: Found the answer: American Psycho.

  12. Excelent work man. The editing is beatifull.

  13. Man, what does this remind me of?

  14. dankest memes thanks goog’ <3

  15. lmfao this was amazing, great vid

  16. Good tracking, the motion blur really sold it

  17. great!! how about Casino Royale next?

  18. Really annoys me when I see people with their awesome decks, so obvious
    that they used HearthGen, oh well watch it get patched hahaha

  19. another one

  20. Impressive, very nice

  21. LOOOL, it was so well done dude.

  22. Nice maymay XD

  23. Production value.

  24. - “Negrido” -


  25. LMFAO XD favorite video of 2016 so far, plus this movies amazing I highly
    recommend it

  26. •TэssэłłдtэdGцy•

    Amazing editing.

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