[Hearthstone] Shudderwock, the Wrongly Convicted

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Hearthstone Witchwood | Shudderwock will likely soon die for our sins.

Taunt Warrior decklist ► AAECAQcGkQb7DNPDAtPFAsLOAsrnAgxL/weyCJvCAsrDAsnHApvLAszNAs/nAqrsApvzAsXzAgA=

at 6am EST / Noon CET and another at 3pm EST / 9pm CET!

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  1. Skipperino Kripperino


  2. It’s Saronite Chain Gang’s fault.

  3. Give me Shudderwock over aggro Paladin

  4. Damn 3:00 AM Upload I should be in bed but I’m watching a card game statistic video

  5. minecraft lets plays egg toys suprise eggs mega gummy bear

    I swear arena is messed I had a 3 FFA and 4 mind control deck with a legendary and I have spiteful summoner GG 12 0

  6. The shaman shudderwock deck is so shit to watch on stream.

  7. HolyWaterino Kripperino

    “Brode made Shudderwock who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him, we might become the righteousness of Brode”
    – Krippathians 5;21

  8. The problem with Shudderwock is that nobody is trying to be creative about it. They’re all just instantly using the combo Trump had explained and sticking to it. It’s boring and once they play Shudderwock there isn’t a whole lot you can do to stop them.

  9. I think Kripps right on this one. I also think people still haven’t completely realized the potential of this card. What if you stop building your deck around it, and just put it in a midrange/aggro deck with few battlecrys to gain a high value lategame card? Maybe even a 2. finisher after Leeroy.

  10. Shudderwock wouldn’t be that bad if it was faster. I feel like 90% of the problem is that it takes 5 years to complete the turn. Other than that it’s really not that bad? It’s slow, inconsistent, and overall, 2 turns to kill something that late in the game when the best you have is 2-3 6/6s is sort of…eh. If they have ANY presence on the board you lose.

  11. i feel like kripp has been at this number of subs for like 2 years now

  12. I don’t think anyone complained about it being OP.

    They complained because it took 10minutes per turn of the same friggin nonsense brainless animations for them to achieve a board of 3-4 Shudderwocks.

    Wasn’t fun to play against and quite honestly with the little time I have to play Hearth each day, I ended up conceding against shamans the second I heard; ironically “How long must this go on”

  13. WhereIsKripperinoInTheThumbnailerino

    He fused with Ben Brode

  14. If they nerf Shudderwock it proves once again that Blizzard’s programmers are incompetent, because the problem are the animations. The only reason to nerf Shudderwock would be if their devs can’t fix the animation issue. Which would be laughable. There are 100s of solutions suggested on the forums, from unsophisticated (skip animations button) to moderately sophisticated (speed up animations progressively with each card with a guaranteed max time for all of them).

  15. People complain about shudderwock because they dont measure their opinion by win percentages and matchups, and meta analysis, but by how FRUSTRATING something is. Shudderwock maxes that category out. Its frustrating how the combo is assembled, you have 0 interaction, you just watch as they play battlecries, without you having any effect on it, once assembled you watch animation for 30 minutes, during which, you guessed right, you have 0 interaction with the game. This is why people complain about shudderwock, and I will still rather do, instead of complaining about what deck has 49 and what deck has 55 win %.

  16. I could be wrong because I haven’t followed much about this expansion release, but most of the complaints I have seen aren’t criticising Shudderwock for having to high a winrate, but more because it is exceptionally boring to play against. A little like pre-nerf Un’Goro Quest Rogue.

  17. The only thing they should change is Shudderwock animations time

  18. i hate how hearthstone has just turned into “who can cheat out the biggest minion fastest?” with spiteful and cubelock

  19. The saddest thing about shaman is how much they hyped Hagatha the Witch in the expansion announcement…and nooooobody uses it lol

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