Hearthside Chat with Ben Brode: The Year of the Raven

Join Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode as he discusses awaits you when the Year of the Raven arrives!

LEARN MORE about the Year of the Raven: https://playhearthstone.com/blog/21534739

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  1. One night in kharazhan confirmed

  2. Year of Medivh? XD

  3. eyy papa *kripp* got featured!

  4. 20 mana molten Giant POGGERS ??????

  5. R.I.P ice block, i never got you, but you where OPAF.

  6. Coldlight? Tf?

  7. Bye bye nerfed Patches XD

  8. 1:05 Skipp the Kripp

  9. First expansion card look just gave me a feeling of the WORLD TREE & ARCHIMOND

  10. Soooooooo:
    1-is emerald dream or something else nature related
    2- is netherstorm……..it just resembles the architecture of Tempesc Kepp too much.If not that one then it`s Arcatraz.
    3-aaaaaaaa something sea related maybe?Naga,Vash`jir,Azhara,even Kul`Tiras is possible.

  11. Sad about Coldlight Oracle 🙁
    I really loved how it helped combo decks and enabled mill ones.

  12. Somewhat 'Pataphysical

    These are some of the best changes yet brodie!

  13. I like how they didn’t show when Kripparrian’s game crashed when he tried to get all of that dust…

  14. It’s time to say goodbye to… *DRAGON, BIG, MIRACLE, EXODIA, MURLOC, PIRATE…*

  15. Ben: Here’s the cards we’ll be adding to the hall of fame
    Me: iceblock?
    Ben: iceblock
    Me: ayy gottem

  16. “year of the raven” *medivh is going wild*

  17. Ice Block out of standard, today was a great day.


  19. The 2nd expansion will be Dalaran Mammoths! =)

  20. Даниил Симонов

    Оооо моя мил-дагер-рога… Солнечный мурлок в вольном формате,траурный айсблок стеклянного мира…

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