Has Outset Island Been Hiding in Zelda Breath of the Wild All This Time?! (Wind Waker Easter Egg)

The mysterious coastal town of Lurelin Village that most players didn’t even find until the end of their playthrough may be hiding a big secret! Lurelin shares a very similar layout to Wind Waker’s starting area; Outset Island. Is this all one big coincidence or is this another Lon Lon Ranch situation?

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  1. I hate being early. I miss all the good comments

  2. Gacha MilkChromCookie

    breath of the wild is still relevant to this channel

  3. I’m surprised nobody else has pointed this out yet!

  4. Christopher Moon

    Wonder how many easter eggs BOTW 2 will hide…

  5. Commander Switch

    I really hope Nintendo puts Wind Waker HD on switch

  6. Link is just like: *where did I park my magic boat?*

  7. Calling it, new things will still be discovered in BOTW 10 years from now

  8. The largest building appears to actually be a boat. Probably a reference to Beedle’s shop ship, which wasn’t far from there.

  9. Justin AquaToad McGowan

    My favorite village in BotW… How freaking awesome!!

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I played through the game without noticing this at all.
    *Mind blown 100*

  11. This makes me want to play Breath of the Wild again. What a great game.

  12. My least favorite village just became my #1 favorite.

  13. Michael Johnson

    I have over 800 hours in this game and I never even thought about this. Cool!!

  14. I was so ready to come in and call BS on this..

    But I think you’re right. Wow this game.

  15. Zelda: So Nintendo, where does Breath of the Wild take place in the Zelda Timeline?
    Nintendo: *_Yes._*

  16. While I doubt it is a direct copy, I do believe it was based off of outset Island, which is kinda cool.

  17. 250 hours and never noticed this, wow this game still blows me away.

  18. It’s probably the timeline where the world never got flooded, this the lack of the main bridge.
    This could be outset in another timeline .

  19. Wind waker is still my favorite Zelda game, idk how I never recognized this

  20. The year is 2049, we’ve just discovered that virtual console was hidden in Breath of the Wild this whole time

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