Hands-On with Super Mario Run!

After a long wait, Mario is finally on the iPhone Super Mario Run. We go hands on to see what you get for the $9.99 price tag.



  1. Sgt.Industrial 2948

    Why must you paayyy!

  2. It literally does not open. It crashes before the loading screen for me. (I
    am unjailbroken)

  3. not playing anymore cauz u have to pay

  4. It’s ok kllls battery

  5. I deleted it.

  6. I really wanted to like this game because I love Mario but this games

  7. So I have to pay, but I can’t play without internet access? People play
    video games in-flight to kill time.

  8. I thought graphics are more detailed, but no it’s still crap.

  9. $14.99 here in Australia

  10. Idk if it’s worth the $10

  11. Your thumb looks like my big toe.

  12. whats the point of the game if you need to have internet? mobile games main
    purpose is to play the. when you have no internet. Also $10 is way too much
    for it.

  13. I downloaded it last night and it plays great after you get used to it, and
    it takes like 45 to finish a level with all the stars

  14. the app crashes on me every time i open it. i can’t even play it :(

  15. Great buy for $5 but 10 is a really high for what little content this game

  16. Mine is crashing

  17. Roast his thumb

  18. This is like the no man’s sky of Mario.

  19. games sucks even if they paid you to have it

  20. Mitchell Waldron (Springloaded Banana)

    Abandon all hope. Mobile gaming cancer has spread to Nintendo.

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