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Hand of Fate 2. It's basically as good as Hand of Fate. The new twists are good, the old problems are a shame.


  1. They made a sequel to Manos?

  2. Garrett van de Gelder

    I love it, personally. I’ve always been a big fan of tabletop gaming and adventure books, and the first Hand Of Fate was a fantastic entry to indulge my love of both tabletop and video gaming. Hand of Fate 2, just as good in my opinion, and I love the new twists on the gameplay I’ve come to know. My only gripe is that the audio crackles a little bit, at least on PS4.

  3. The combat is pretty weak sauce but the card adventure is great

  4. I’m surprised that you’re so against the combat. I quite like it despite the fact ti’s occaisonally jankey and the additions/changes they’ve made in the weapons and skills are for the better.

  5. I could see the game just ditching the combat and doing everything through the card game….. I can also see myself Refunding that version in 5 seconds because it would be *UNGODLY BORING!!!!!!*

  6. Wish they would just make it a Hack and Slash with Parrying instead of budget Arkham., the combat is by far the worst part of these games, funny thing was the hard mode version of combat in the first one was better, due to it feeling faster.

  7. Why the hell didn’t you reroll the 2? You can reroll multiple dice! 😮 Sometimes I’ve even rerolled all 3 at once!

  8. idk but i like going into the combat and all

  9. I’ve always found card games to be extremely boring, until Hand of Fate. I’m so glad HoF2 didn’t disappoint, it’s an improvement in every aspect.

  10. I understand that the “half-baked” combat (when comparing to that style’s progenitors, i guess, i.e. Arkham) could be seen as having been shoe-horned in to appeal to those for whom card games wouldn’t normally appeal… i am one of those and thus take no issue with it; threat of boredom either way, either no combat and all boring table-top or keep combat and (“)bore(“) with the combat… though i usually found death to be quicker in the combat than in the cards so… how could the combat be made better? Don’t scrap it because then HoF wouldn’t be as rare and beautiful a thing

  11. In my opinion the combat is terrible. The control you have over your character is not good, and often time the button input feels unresponsive. Is it better than the first HoF? Well, yeah I guess. But that still doesn’t make it good.
    The card game part is where it really shines. If you’re like me and you like tabletop gaming this is a really cool single player tabletop experience. Even with all of the chance games you feel in control. Certainly more so than you do in the combat.

  12. As someone with only one hand, the combat has made it impossible for me to progress past the second ‘mission’. Any time there are more than six enemies it’s just too much to handle when the blocking mechanics are janky and unreliable. Unfortunately it looks like the developers are committed against mods, which is odd considering it’s a single-player game. I wouldn’t be annoyed with competitive multiplayer games blocking off mods because I can see how people would use them to exploit and ruin the experience for other players; but for a single-player game mods can only help make the experience more fun and accessible to people with disabilities. Real disappointment.

  13. This game is made in Unity. 🙂

  14. The combat seems to me like that of Kingdom of Amalur, which i enjoyed a lot or maybe it was just the different weapon combinations that was fun.

  15. They really should have made the combat turned based, with you using something like a combat deck of cards to attack and defend.
    They also should’ve made the combat look more imagine-y.

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    The combat is not great, but it’s a really good change of pace.

  17. I can’t bring myself to feel that Hand of Fate is made for me. It’s blatantly obvious the real time combat is there as token feature for mainstream appeal, to be honest.

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