HALLUNAZI – Warning: Seizures, Nightmares, Licorice Monsters (Direct To Video)

Once you get past the fact it’s a ghastly visual with lots of flickering imagery, you find… not a good game.


  1. how is steam diffrent from the app store again?

  2. TheUndefeatedMagician

    MY EYES!!!

  3. vhat zhe fack ?

  4. The Wolf Princess

    Just when you thought a game could not get any worse it then does. This is a monstrosity of a game.

  5. Alexander Johnson

    Remember when we had a boom of unique and interesting indie games just pouring in and inspiring people? That was nice.

  6. Lol. The floor in the doorway at 5:40 doesn’t even have a texture. Someone made this, and then they realized how much of a daunting task it is to make a video game and said, “Well… that’ll do. Put it on Steam.”

  7. They seem to be playing Jai-alai, and you just happened to wander into their match accidentally.

  8. So, someone completely f’d up their shaders, shrugged, called the results ‘hallucanations’ and released it as a game? Got it.

  9. Man, i discovered your channel like 2 days ago and i’ve been 2 days non stop watching your videos, love your channel <3

  10. Someone needs to data mine this game to let people get a good look at these things.

  11. Is this Zombie Nazis alpha 0.00000000001?

  12. How do you even come up with these intros???


    Oh, of course it’s a Russian game, who would’ve thought.

  14. I’d say the worst part of this is, it is functionally sound. Like, it’s game play is mostly complete, it’s the rest of the game that is shit.

  15. The sad thing is, a game that takes the concepts on show here and uses them well could be pretty cool. Weird visuals, rouge-lite mechanics and spells/skills in FPS games are all fun ideas. But putting your game on Steam and trying to sell it when it’s in this sort of state ruins all of that.

  16. An advert played. YouTube still automatically de-monetizing your videos, and taking it for themselves?

  17. ♪♪All the monsters
    Make me wanna go
    Like a Boglin
    Straight to video

    Welcome to the show
    You’re a failure
    Played in stereo♪♪

  18. I did Hellunazi this coming.

  19. Jim! Have you heard that Steam Direct allowed the release of a “game” without an .exe? It’s literally an empty folder, LITERALLY…
    And people can’t score it because you need time played and there is nothing to play LOL.

  20. This looks like it wants to be Wolfenstein

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