Half-Life: Alyx – Excited? Disappointed? Both Reactions Are Valid (OMGH)

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Half-Life: Alyx marks the announcement of the first Half-Life game in 10,000 years. The announcement got a mixed response but the trailer has seen Valve pretty easily forgiven for all its sins. In fairness, the game looks great.

It looks great, and I may not play it, because VR just isn’t my thing at all. There has been some continued disappointment from certain people, and that disappointment has been mocked by others. I don’t think that’s particularly fair.

If you’re excited for Half-Life: Alyx, that’s fantastic. If you’re feeling let down, that’s understandable. Both reactions, I think, are perfectly valid.

A great article on VR accessibility: https://ablegamers.org/thoughts-on-accessibility-and-vr/

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  1. Will this be good? Be bad?

    All I know is that my gut says “maybe”.

  2. “The gah-man”

  3. Half life: Guh-Man

  4. TheGreatBritishGamer

    If anything will move vr it would be half life.

  5. “Hassle to enjoyment ratio”. A NEW METRIC IN VIDEO GAMES. Jim Sterling, 2019.

  6. Valve probably don’t want to just make a “game for VR”, but a game that can carry the VR technology the same way Nintendo uses Zelda and Mario games to carry their new consoles.

  7. Im epileptic so i literally cant play vr even if i could afford it

  8. Honestly i’m just happy that VR is getting a proper large scale game that was made specifically for VR, because there really aren’t a lot of them. generally speaking the best VR games are either very cool minigames like beatsabre, experience type things, or ports of existing games. itll be nice to see how a proper fully developed VR game from a large game company, especially valve, will do

  9. The Legend of the Deathwalker

    I’ll just be watching a let’s play.

  10. Lmao I can’t even afford to upgrade my GPU just to support vr

  11. Half-Life: Hunt Down the Reason to Buy a VR System

  12. My only disappointment is because i dont have VR and its expensive

  13. They dont even sell VR sets in my country and local stores… soo… Even if i wanted to get 1…

  14. Knights of the Geek Republic

    I’m in your motion sickness camp Jim. You ain’t the only one. While a cool looking game I won’t be indulging in this either sadly.

  15. 2022: Alyx 2: VHarder is released.
    2034: Still no news on Alyx 3

  16. Looks interesting, not to big on half-life, not a fan of vr. I hope it’s good and people are able to enjoy this though.

  17. About people’s reaction to the price issue: I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen forum threads where someone is asking for help trying to get a game working, they post their PC specs, and everyone’s response is just “buy a new computer”. Like that’s just a done deal. “Oh. I didn’t think about that. Buy a whole new computer. Of course.” This feels very similar to me.

  18. VR needs “real” full size games for development. Without them this technology dies like kinect.

  19. “I’ve seen people mocking those who can’t afford a headset.”
    With the minimum wage not having risen since the 60s, a faltering economy, and no good jobs in most places of the country, how can you mock those who need to save their money for important things?

  20. You said “children” at the start, you’re gonna get that big fine now

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