Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

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Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.

Available for pre-purchase on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/

Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.



  1. I’ve never really wanted a VR but now there’s no doubting, I *need* one.

    • @Marton Dinnyes its vr only because it was a vr title before it was a half life title. They were experimenting with cool vr mechanics that couldn’t work without vr, then they were inspired to build it into a half life game.

    • Once you go VR there is no going back to flat

    • Be careful by the looks of the trailer it might be a walking simulator. I did not see them run once. But they could of did that just for the trailer who knows.

    • Yeah…

    • @Dominic it”s definately not a walking simulator walking simulators have very little action and there’s loads of action in this trailer plus running in vr can cause motion sickness easily

  2. Creamy Meme Supreme

    Hopefully this doesn’t go epic exclusive, I’d hate that.

  3. Praise GabeN

  4. Everyone: *H A L F L I F E 3*

    Valve: _no_

  5. When your ex becomes significantly hotter and you’re not sure if you should go back.

  6. Imagine booting the game up and seeing that bald guy with the faucet crank on his head in VR

    • Im going to be disappointed if it doesnt have that, and i want to be able to flick the valve (its a valve, not a faucet crank thing hehe) with my tracked finger so its like a little fidget spinner while i wait for the scene to fade out.

  7. epic games: we buy exclusives.

    valve: we make our exclusives.

    • Юрий They’re running their company in 24 years, growing up every year, Net worth of Gaben is around $6B and then some kids think they’re stupid ???.

    • @4Donuts OR have jobs, house bills, get extremely sick using VR, or enjoy using controllers, keyboards, mouse more, and so on. I used VR before and it is cool but man I was sick for over 2 weeks after using it. I had a headache and was dizzy for 2 straight weeks while having to go to work.

    • @John Smith streamers? I dont even watch twitch lmao, also a lot of my friends have a vr headset it’s really common to have one considering how cheap they are, though I guess you wouldn’t have any friends so you wouldn’t know that.

    • @Dominic thats true, just attempting to prove that vr is the future and a lot of them are really cheap now.

    • @John Smith if you look it up, you’ll find plenty of evidence. “VR global market value over time” into any search engine would suffice.

  8. My wallet:

    Valve: I am going to make this man starve to death.

    • this game cost just 54 dollars ma’ (im livin’ in Russia and game for us costs JUST 15 DOLLARS)
      but…the VR…you can buy windows mixed reality for 200 dollars and enjoy

  9. Year 3000: can we have half life 3 now?
    Valve: Introducing Half Life 2.99999999

  10. Alexander The Snivy

    Half Life trending in 2019?! I must be dreaming

  11. Duke Nukem: “We can leave 15 years between games”
    Half-Life: “Hold my beer”

  12. I’m gonna watch the shit out of someone else playing this

  13. I think we should give them a little more time to develop: this character is missing her arms.

  14. Gman has reflective eyes, implying that he’s not human

  15. ネオンラッシュ

    Scott the Woz: “Jesus Christ Valve, do something.”
    Valve: Well yes, but actually no

  16. 2019: Alyx
    Fans: Wow!!
    2021: Alyx 2
    Fans: OMG I can’t wait for the third
    Valve: left the chat

  17. Don’t Read My Profile Picture

    I think they finally remembered the password to this account

  18. Half-Life: Alyx: *Arrives*

    G-Man: *Rise and shine, Gamers.*

  19. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Fans: “we do anything for another Half-Life game”
    Valve : “anything huh…” -makes a VR only game

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