Half Hour of GoldenEye 007 XBLA Gameplay

GoldenEye 007 XBLA


  1. Dammit 🙁 60fps Goldeneye campaign would’ve been so glorious, just as it
    was for Perfect Dark XBLA

  2. Oh man it looks so good, i so would of bought this.
    Fucking Nintendo fucking us over as usual.

  3. fuck you Nintendo

  4. I still want this so fucking hard you have no idea.
    GoldenEye is one of my all time favorite games, I still play it to this
    day… and fucking Nintendo made this impossible.
    So mad when seeing this… but thank you for sharing.

    Also downloaded this video in case Nintendo or Microsoft get their IP cocks
    out and takes this down.
    I want to treasure this forever and always.

  5. Incredible. Never thought I’d see anything on this asides from the magazine
    scans and that one blurry video.

    How the hell did you get your hands on this?

  6. Any regular company might say “Give us a cut of the profits and we’ll have
    no hard feelings”

    Nintendo cuts your prize horse’s head off and puts it next to you while you
    sleep as a warning.

  7. Nintendo own the assets, and MS own the developer.
    Isn’t it obvious why neither MS or Nintendo can re-release this game?
    Goldeneye was never included when they sold Rare. Thats been known for over
    15 years, and yet people say fuck Nintendo when they should say fuck MS
    If MS wanted Goldeneye, they would have bought it when they had the chance.
    Personally i don’t care since i bought the N64 cart on first week of
    release in 1997. Its still on my shelve.

  8. Ugh, this looks like a nearly complete game too. I hope this is leaked one
    day, or better yet, fucking release it!

  9. Nice!

  10. This is a blatant hoax;For the starters, the footage is stretched 4:3,
    secondly, the frame rate locks to 30 during cutscenes. The way it shows
    comparisons to the original shows that it is just a shader hack with hd
    textures being switched on and off plus a 60fps patch. This is being ran on
    pc with an emulator. Other clues are the way the dead bodies disappear the
    same speed as the original, the original models are still being used
    besides some background stuff and sniper rifle.
    If it were in 16:9 with an unstretched HUD I might believe it but this is
    clearly being run on an emulator, even the audio skip at the beginning of
    the Dam level is still there and the sound effects haven’t even been
    updated either.

  11. The way Rare upgraded the graphics makes it look like an early PS2 or
    Gamecube title.

  12. fuck you nintendo for not giving this to us

  13. Fingers crossed for some sort of remaster for the 20th anniversary next

  14. Would pretty much do anything to play this.

  15. RelativelyRetroDon

    I know it sounds ridiculous…but I think I feel actual pain watching this
    video. Why could this not have been a reality!?!?

  16. The music is shit, but i like the game!!!!

  17. Is the music from the game itself? Does it actually play on like that? It’s
    very nice.

  18. Why does the fps counter never dip below 60fps by even 0.001 frames, even
    when there are visible frame drops during gameplay due to vertical sync?
    That seems really odd, especially for the 360.

    [EDIT] Nevermind. It dropped for a split second. Still seems odd, though.

  19. Cant we make a kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to
    show nintendo how fucking bad we want this port? Maybe all the money or
    people behind it will for sure change their mind.

  20. 19:34 crotch shot

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