Hackers Load Xbox On Nintendo Switch And Blizzard Requires A Spyware App For BlizzCon | News Wave

The Nintendo Switch recently had Linux released for the system and after several people loaded it onto the system tons of emulators are currently being tested to see if they work. One of those emulators is for the original Xbox and while it doesn’t work well, it’s an interesting proof of concept. Blizzard is getting ready for BlizzCon and is now requiring attendees to install a sketchy application to get into the convention that seems to require a ton of access to your phone.

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  1. Facterino Commenterino

    Today’s fact: People wore fake moles (or “beauty patches”) made of velvet, silk, or mouse skin in the 18th century as a fashion statement.

  2. Do you guys not have social security numbers?

  3. Timestamps:
    0:00 Welcome to News Wave!

    0:53 Rage 2 Goes Gold

    1:48 Jedi Fallen Order at E3

    3:05 Cuphead selling well on Switch

    4:22 Blizzcon App is Spyware

    8:22 May NES games

    10:33 Smash Bros YouTube channel getting updates, maybe

    12:20 Hackers put Xbox on Switch

  4. Give us the Cuphead retail version already, I want it on my switch. goddammit….

  5. Did you get a new mic? Your voice sounds so much clearer.

  6. “You guys have phones dont you? We know you do…”

  7. How will Blizzard get out of this one?!

    Tune in the same Spawn Time, same Spawn Channel!

  8. Somewhere in the world modern vintage gamer is weeping tears of joy

  9. Clean GamiNG TV

    “Prevent Device from sleeping” is normal for apk’s. I saw it when I got Bloons TD 5 from apitoide

  10. I won’t be surprised if no one comes to BlizzCon, or if their attendance would be the lowest it has ever been.

  11. Cocho *Choskilz* Nazario

    I agree!! For like JRPG’s, sure, fine, High Resolution mode is ok but most other things I would like it if devs focused on performance (60 fps) first then hit the highest resolution you can after that!!

  12. That app wants too much access for what its asking the users for. At least spell out what specifically the app is doing when it asks for the permissions or something. That’s what the app info page is for!

  13. Blizzard needs to make sure that only willing corporate drones may enter Blizzcon.

  14. New mic? Sound quality is great. Keep it up.

  15. why does the staff at bizzard not have phones to confirm there paper tickets?

  16. Blizzard is doing everything possible to make me despise them.

  17. The Nerdy Gamer

    Sounds like blizzard is learning from epic with putting spyware on your devices

  18. Blizz: we heard you dont have diablo on your phone, lets change that >:)

  19. NonsensicalVids

    i’m more interested in seeing snes, gba and gamecube titles on switch online

    …I can see the headline now lmfao

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