Hackers Broke Fallout 76 Worse Than Usual With NPCs, Fallout 4 Assets, & Item Spawning Chaos

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Bethesda took a working week to patch out cheats that made a total mess of Fallout 76. Yep, everyone’s favorite live service is still a mess!

Fallout 4 assets, legendary gear, and even NPCs were spawned all over the place this week. Even the mighty Prydwen airship from Fallout 4 was plonked into the game.

Highly functional NPCs were created, while competitive play was a total mess. Just another week in the hilarious life of Fallout 76.

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  1. They should just leave it be and call it “Fallout: Gmod edition” at this point

  2. People joke about “the most entertaining game i never played” but this time the breakage IS legitimately as entertaining as a movie or something

    Or maybe it’s just those sprites, god i love them

  3. I wonder what it’s like to be on the team that keeps working on this game. Seems like every week there is some new disaster they would have to scramble to fix. Has to be super stressful!

  4. *Fallout 76 problem*
    Jim: “Its free real estate”

  5. I have nothing to say, just here for the engagement.

  6. Fallout 76 is the best game that I haven’t played of 2019, just because all the fun shitstorms about it on youtube.

  7. Interesting question: Why are Fallout 4 assets present in 76 in the first place? Surely that’s a huge & totally unnecessary waste of memory?

  8. I want to see a “Matrix” prequel where an earlier version of the Matrix was designed by Betheda.

  9. TheCarelessUmbrella

    Please do the “It’s time to shit on Bethesda” more often. That tune and the dance are just infectious.
    We need a 10 hour version of that.

  10. “Oh my god I can’t believe Bethesda keeps giving Jim material” 😛

  11. Nick-Player Character

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s not beating a dead horse if the horse is alive and kicking people in the head.

  12. “It’s time to shit on Bethesda” is getting almost as satisfying as “FucKonami news”

  13. Yanir Fezodiak Gold

    It’s time to shit on bethesda time is now literally my new favorite part of the show.


    “why the hell youtube is recommending me this video, I already watched it…. oh”

  15. Need more of Jim Stirling’s avatars depicted as pixel art in my life

  16. It’s almost like taking an ancient and glitchy engine that’s only ever been used to make single player games and quickly bolting a multiplayer mode on it for greed related reasons was a terrible short sighted idea.

  17. I’m glad we’re still talking about this.

    I’m glad Jim Sterling is still talking about Fallout 76.

    I’m glad he hasn’t found something else to talk about.

  18. Bethesda Team before launching something:

    One half: maybe we should make some test first…..

    The other half: we are already in fire ! Let’s make it worth it !!!

  19. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it until proven otherwise:

    I’m GLAD Zenimax (regardless of how scummy they can be) made Elder Scrolls Online. It is a legitimately good Elder Scrolls game in terms of quests, lore, and all around fun. I don’t have that faith in Bethesda right now, or TES:VI. And that’s super depressing, considering that they had been my favorite dev company since around the release of Oblivion and I first played it and Morrowind. I even got the Skyrim collector’s edition with the Alduin statue.

    Now? I wouldn’t even consider pre-ordering TES:VI, let alone shelling extra to get a collector’s edition. And that’s just kind of sad.

  20. Barro the Broadcaster

    “People of *APPALACHIA,* do not interfee; our intentions are peaceful. We are the Brotherhood of Steel.”

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