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Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC
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  1. Can’t wait to check out this new map and get the Incredible Hulk and Mr Beast! Use my creator code if you want! “H2ODelirious”

  2. 36:06 I know that music it’s a version of the black hole event way back then in session X I don’t care what people think but I enjoyed it what got me hooked up

  3. Another charity by Mr Beast
    Donating himself just to make Fortnite better

  4. Watched it chaotic good time

  5. altho it’s not a competition delirious got 14 more fragments then me, I didn’t see most of the fragments he found (and vice versa)

  6. I liked this, I don’t know what happened though haha


    That was amazing with all those memories

  8. So many sneak peeks for the season. Geralt, maybe some MHA, The Hulk. It was fun watching to the end with you.

  9. Of course I watched the whole video bro you and toonz are my favorite people on this planet I love you both!

  10. Watched all. Played it. Got confused too

  11. i have never liked Fortnite, but i have always loved your event videos. The events have always been cool as shit

  12. The bus looks so different.

  13. Bro I haven’t played in forever I want to see the new map!!!!!! Thanks for recording the event

  14. Rex the Extreme Werewolf

    I said the exact same thing when the Herald came out of the tornado. Respect to you for seeing it that way as well. I also wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Also, I didn’t know what I wasn’t doing either.

  15. I watched the whole vid with u

  16. SomethingCreativeHere

    this entire event was just a fetch quest

  17. Is Delirious gonna play Gotham Knights???

  18. Can you send some more walking dead contant

  19. Early and I farted

  20. I watched it

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