H2ODelirious’ FIRST TIME ON RLCRAFT (Minecraft Hardcore) Ep. 1

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is a mod pack created to make Minecraft a lot harder than the vanilla version. RLCraft takes the regular game and flips it on its head. There are tons of new mobs, new biomes, and newly generated structures throughout the game. IT IS HARD FOR NOOB PLAYERS!!!! AKA ME!!!!

Use my Epic Games Creator Code (H2ODelirious)

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC
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rlcraft xp
rlcraft v2.9
rlcraft tips


  1. If you really want this to be a series on my channels I need you to help me out by getting ALOT of likes on this video, It will show me how much you all want me to play this long term.

  2. a tip im not sure if it works cause i haven’t played this myself but if you crouch you auto pick up items around you

  3. My first thought when he had that first house; “You better sleep in that bed asap or you’ll never see it again.”

  4. Don’t go in the tower,
    Go in it if you want to grind xp

  5. Good series

  6. Never heard of this tip of Minecraft bit I would love 2 see more

  7. I love this series XD

  8. Welp, it looks like im off to like this video with as many devices as possible

  9. Killer Klowns From Outer Space The Game got announced and it’s from the same guy who made Friday The 13th The Game

  10. Hyped for this series

  11. yo delirious never thought you would try to play this but here is a tip to help you avoid dying more often. doing certain things will spawn specific creatures. for example whenever you kill something there is a chance a reaper will spawn from it. which will then try to kill you. other activities that can spawn monsters are mining and destroying any plants. another thing to watch out for is fire and lava. this is due to the fact that some fire based monsters will spawn from fire and lava and they tend to be a bit of a problem to deal with

  12. Holdon your a vtuber now?

  13. Hey H2O you should have a death counter cuz this mod is one of the toughest mods out there so you should be very careful

  14. Don’t shut up ;{

  15. You can shift to collect everything within a certain redius of you

  16. You should do this with Cartoonz those are funny moments ready to happen XD

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