Guild Wars 2 Fans Outraged By Loot Box Chicanery

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Sorry for the third video one day, but there were maaaany emails about it and it required attention.

Anyway, Guild Wars 2 has largely been praised for customer-friendly practices, but a new update brought a sour taste the form of exorbitant loot box nonsense.


  1. The “just cosmetic” argument is even more ridiculous when applied to a game that has (rightly) been called “Fashion Wars 2”, on account of the fact that endgame gear offers few-to-no mechanical advantages, so nearly *all* the rewards are “just cosmetic”.

  2. It’s WOW all over again. A beloved MMO gone corrupted because of microtransaction milking.
    I thought ArenaNet would never follow the path of Blizzard, but I was proven wrong.

  3. I really love Guild Wars 2, and I’ve been okay with its microtransactions until now. It’s nonsense, this new system. That said, ArenaNet has created a merged thread for feedback on the Mount Adoption system, and they’re asking for player thoughts. If you want to convince ’em to change their ways before this gets worse, do so here:

  4. ArenaNet … If you pull something that even pulls Jim Sterlings Attention to a 5 year old MMO … you know you done fucked up.

  5. Oh for fuck sake not Guild Wars too -.-

  6. In my experience disappointments a hell of a lot more worse than anger and this… this is just disapointing.

  7. Oh no, not Guild Wars too!

  8. Not sick of seeing these kind of videos, on the contrary this trend of loot boxes shit must be denounced at every opportunity and never let go, that what these shit companies are waiting for, for people to let go and move to something else.

  9. The lootbox bubble will burst eventually, hopefully a big country will ban them and screw these companies over

  10. So back in the day I was an avid GW2 youtuber, most of my coverage was GW2, the best response I got were on farming videos. I figured out how to farm black lion keys and spread the word, soon bigger youtubers picked it up and started spreading the word as well. So a black lion key cost 5 dollars at the time, and it opened up a chest that had skins that you could sell on the trading post for hundreds of gold. I figured out how to farm a key from questing within 15-20 mins of creating a character, as a result whole guilds popped up for farming keys. Now it should be known that guildwars has always had guilds devoted to the almighty dollar, going back to the original game, so people who did these kind of things were seen as merchants and an important part of the community.

    After about 3 months of public key farming on a grand scale Arenanet patched the key to be available only after you reached a much higher level, halfway to cap. Although Arenanet was seen as consumer friendly they often go against their word. This whole mount controversy is stupid to me considering that Arenanet was on record saying they would never have mounts because of the quick travel system. They said the same thing about flight. However both of these things are now in the game meaning that they were added simply to make more money. Remember the Queensdale Train, Arenanet always nerfs farming methods that allow people to earn in game currancy, meaning that they aren’t as consumer friendly as people think.

  11. I’m still waiting for the daughter of a senator to blow a shitload of money in lootboxes and draw the attention of the government, THEN publishers will start giving a shit.

  12. it’s like games are actively telling me not to buy them

  13. In GW2 cosmetics ARE LITERALLY ENDGAME.
    With no new gear levels ever on the horizon, only actual endgame progression is just getting skins and dyes you like, so you can’t justify it being “just cosmetics”, if it’s literally the only end goal.

  14. I would never exchange Jim Sterling for Jim-Game Currency.

  15. Another book i will be buying instead of a game.

  16. For those who are sick and tired of Jim talking about microtransactions, I’m sick and tired of the game industry molesting my asshole, psychologically harassing me and jizzing on my face and then charging me for it but they sure as hell ain’t stopping anytime soon.

  17. What bothers me most are these aren’t micro translations, they’re macro transactions. Over $100 for a bunch of skins? You can fuck right off.

  18. … _so they looked upon JCPenney and they saw it had failed. And thus they began to ponder for many days and many nights, until they needed to ponder no longer. For, through their deep and thorough meditation, a great wisdom had been bestowed unto them:_ _”Treat thine customers not with respect, and not as learned, and not as rational. Do not refrain from exploiting them to the best of your ability. For, alas, they will not repay you in kind, but fall into the open hands of thine competitors and embrace all manner of malpractices with great content.”_ _So all the developers and all the publishers came to a singular conclusion:_

    “We *really* need to add lootboxes, guys!”

  19. You’re right Jim, its really the year of the lootbox, it is dystopian and will permanently damage the industry. Keep the content up, eventually the fuckery will stop.. hopefully.

  20. 25 dollars for ONE SKIN ?1 talk about overpriced

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