GuardianCon New Destiny 2 Exotic Teased! Machine Gun

AurumFX is teasing a new mystery exotic weapon at GuardianCon 2019. What do you think it is?


  1. Looks like a spiced up version of my beloved M-60 I lugged around a LONG time ago….?

  2. Colony machinegun 2000 every bullet fired turns into a tracking cricket

  3. Obama ate My kids

    Bruh is that creature one of those little flood dudes from halo? Or is it the darkness?

  4. You get that machine gun after you dismantle your No land beyond ?

  5. I see little cricket from M.I.B got a big brother

  6. It’s one of the beings trapped in crystal that the drifter came across on his travels

  7. Remmuz crimsonlynx

    Not much for power weapon exotics, but I can appreciate it’s design.

  8. Look at Destin face he so excited lol. fu**ing love this guy?

  9. Cool, just cool. Bungie doing a great job promoting their stuff in new and different ways

  10. this prop maker is insane. it looks beautiful.

  11. Soo touch of malice returns as a bug powered HMG?

  12. Kinda looks like SGA, so how about instead we call it “Very Bad Ideas”

  13. If this isn’t named ‘Hammond’ I’ll be very disappointed.

    The tagline also needs to be “Spared no expense.”

  14. We’ve awoken the Plague… and are now using them to power our weapons lol Also can the plate covering the crystal be taken off and possibly moved forward so that we can see it while in game?

  15. Cory Lyons Music

    No name? Gives me an idea…Bungie should do a poll or something and let guardians name an exotic. That would be cool.

  16. what if it’s like the ZF1.
    one shot mark the target and every following shot will fly toward that target.

  17. “Shrouded in Mystery” actually sounds like a cool name for a weapon tbh

  18. How did you come up with that had a colony advising you?

  19. That crystallized insect almost looks like a Zerg Viper from Starcraft.

  20. That weapon holds a shard of the darkness. GUYS, I THINK THIS COULD BE THE RAID EXOTIC….

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