GTA5 Online – Wildcat’s Secret Technique! (Car Darts Returns!)

Friends in Video:

BasicallyIDoWrk – @BasicallyIDoWrk
H2O Delirious – @H2ODelirious
Terroriser – @Terroriser
Wildcat – @wildcat
Moo Snuckel – @Moo

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  1. Good on you for not giving the modder any attention lol

  2. 11:30 anyone else catch the reference to dan bulls h2o delirious song? h2o delirious started singing it


  4. Bro when u gonna drop the next EP of re7

  5. wildcat used to be good at gta 5 what happened? oh yeah.. fortnite


  7. The way they play this so infuriating to watch 😂

  8. Gotta love bringing back Car Darts.

  9. H20 just saying stuff in Car Darts is a classic

  10. Marcel got a military haircut

  11. What year is it???

  12. aside from other videos lately, this really feels like a proper vanoss video with how its edited

  13. I didn’t think seeing Vanoss desktop out of no where would make me burst out laughing

  14. That upside down landing on a car at 3:19 xD

  15. 10:30 – Another great Delirious quote in the books

  16. I was watching Car Darts that he uploaded years ago and he surprises us wit this?! Thank you!

  17. Inspirationalirious

  18. This is gotta be the funniest video I’ve watched in a long time 😂😂 , thank u for all the good times. 🤙

  19. For those of you who didn’t see Wildcat’s video, I believe this wasn’t mentioned in this one but what happened at the end where Vanoss’ game crashed is a hacker joined their private lobby, pulled everyone’s IP and DDOS’d them offline.

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