‘GTA V’ Stacks $6 Billion in Sales—More Than Any Movie Ever Released

If you grew up with a PlayStation 2, you’ll remember the sheer madness surrounding the release of Grand Theft Auto III. In an era of parental outrage and boycotts regarding violence and offensive content in entertainment, 3 bore the brunt for the gaming industry. But the franchise has navigated its controversial identity sharply, focusing on developing great games instead of drowning under pressure. The replay value and overall quality of work put into GTA titles is always impressive, and the latest entry, 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V, just reached an undisputed benchmark in those terms—generating nearly $6 billion, and thereby becoming the most profitable entertainment title in history, shockingly surpassing even record-breaking movies like Star Wars and Gone With The Wind.

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  1. Blackhawkk14 Josh

    Pls like I have smol pp

  2. nigga said gta 3 ???

  3. YBN Nahmir is throwing a party after hearing this news.

  4. gta 6 bouta drop niggas

  5. She is so beautiful i love natasha

  6. tyroilsmoochiewallace 1

    San Andreas is the best gta ?

  7. Damn this game became trash after they started adding unnecessary stuff like flying cars and all these planes it’s boring now??‍♂️

  8. GTA 6 gonna murder dem all.

  9. So GTA a movie now?

  10. Trevor is the most savage character in all of the GTA series

  11. TheRealBeatMaster

    I ain’t dropped 60 bucks on a movie tho

  12. *GTA San Andreas > GTA 5*

  13. 6 billion I definitely deserve 50 million in gta money

  14. GTA> fortnite

  15. What’s her Instagram?asking for a friend

  16. Yo why she extra fine in this vid? I aint notice her before ?

  17. Who tf choose the thumbnail

  18. Damn when the GTA V movie comin out & how money already been spent watching it?

  19. GTA 6 will probably sell even more! Just hope they introduce a female character next time..

  20. GTA 5 costed 265 million to make, they made over a billion in sales under the first 72 hours upon release. They made over 300 million in preorders alone!! (back in 2013) Let’s not forget about the remastered versions for PS4/XB1/PC and I don’t think they considered the shark cards you can purchase for in game money.

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