Grimes & i_o – Violence (Official Video)

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Director: Grimes
Producer: Mac Boucher
Dop: Neil Hansen
Edit: Grimes and Mac Boucher
Production Coordinator: Luke Arreguin
Creative Consultant: Alexandra Parker

Choreo!: Natsuki Miya!
Alyson Van
Charissa Kroeger
Isis Woodruff
Symone Holliday
Tina Jackson

Nude Corpse: Hana

Title Card Image: Popovy Sisters
Animation: Chiara Feriani
Graphic: Mac Boucher
Globe girl: Ryder Ripps

Styling: Turner Turner
Hair: Chanel Croker
Makeup: Natasha Severino
Art Assistant: Blake Hilton

1st AC: Jay Janocko
2nd AC: Michael Carrino

Gaffer: Drew Valenti
Key Grip: Tyler Johnson Williams
LCP: Zane Blanchar
Grip: Stuart Lock
Grip: Andrew Petroski
Grip: Daniel Vasquez
BBG: Thomas Platt
Grip Driver: Aram

SLT: Garret Williams
SLT: Josh Day
SLT: Noah Cruz

Truck PA: Aaron Harper
PA. Kevin Wilson
PA. Alex Aaronson
PA. Jacob Adams

~? In Memory of Lauren Valencia ? ~


  1. If this is an indication of what the new album will sound like then Wow!

  2. Grimes is so interesting. She seems like such a tomboy in interviews but she is so feminine and sexy when performing. That’s a super hot dichotomy.

  3. I closed my eyes during the song and I saw my self on the moon

  4. Pure art. Thank you for blessing us with this drop.

  5. Ok today was officially a good day. I love this new Grimes video!

  6. Since this is grimes. I do NOT want to know the lyrics to this song

  7. This is why I don’t mind waiting patiently for her releases, always true to self works of art.

  8. Grimes’s ability to plant a melody in my head for weeks at a time is borderline terrifying.

    • You mean the Techno god I_o for planting the melody in your head. She only sang the lyrics…

    • “Weeks at a time” obviously implies that this isn’t the only song they were referring to

    • It’s a true collab, Gregory. Grimes has primary credits as both writer and producer on this track and her stylistic fingerprints are all over it. I’m not taking anything away from I_o, I hear his influence too, but this isn’t just his song.

      I get it, though. These days when you see a singer they’re usually just the face of the operation, and are backed by whole teams of songwriters and producers. The people doing the real heavy lifting are in the background. Grimes, however, is a true artist and is as DIY as they get. She wrote every word and every note on her first three records, and only shared credits on two tracks on her fourth (one with Aristophanes one with and Janelle Monae). She has a talent for writing killer hooks and that is what my initial post refers to.

  9. Grimes is a genius! Please please tour!

  10. Meu Deus Grimes, obrigado! Que hino caralho

  11. Hair flowing around violently, love it!

  12. I cannot stop listening to this… Please don’t send help.

  13. Grimes LEVELS UP!!!!
    I need this album in my life

  14. She comes out with things I didn’t know I needed and I’m so thankful.

    • That’s exactly my feeling! Stuff ya never heard before makes you wonder how lucky one is to be in a world where Grimes exists

  15. Grimes really be out here reminding us that she’s a trained dancer..

  16. I wish this song would last at least 20 more minutes…..

  17. She’s such a well balanced combination of pop and avante garde elements!!!!

  18. they look like 3D vídeo game characters ? if that makes sense

  19. everyone is talking about Grimes but how about this kick ass Deadmau5 like production from i_o

  20. Seems like a soundtrack of CyberPunk

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