Gravewood High – Escaping the EVIL Science Teacher!

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  1. did anyone else noticed the key was in the other display case 12:49

  2. nah vanoss isa dumbass for that

  3. Where panda?I haven’t seen him for 3 years in this channel

  4. The group that played with Vanoss
    Their titles “Vanoss screws us”
    Vanoss “scary game”

  5. I haven’t laughed this hard to a video in so long man, this is golden

  6. You can clearly hear how fun the dudes had with this one

  7. omg is this grizzy and vanoss’ first colab?

  8. Mariya 0ver L!ve🔞

    Love these, keep up the great work!

  9. Bro u should play the Nextbot!..

  10. Wowi first puffer now grizzy. It’s cool seeing more people in the videos

  11. double the black guys double the passes 😎

  12. 7:33 Love tht old KAPOOYA! sfx he used to use.

  13. Can I join you guys in a game?

  14. @11:00 my friend and i were laughing because his user is LaQuefa69 lmao

  15. vanoss what mic do you use

  16. 7:34 kaPOOyah!! (Seriously though, I haven’t heard that sound effect in a while.)

  17. God please I need a vanoss crew crossover with all the goons

  18. 1:27 basically the opening to the movie That’s My Boy 😂

  19. Hey vanoss I’m a big fan and I love all your content you made my childhood I loved when you played Garry’s mod sandbox but I just wanted to tell you that theres some pretty cool new stuff in GTA that’s worth grinding for

  20. that sound at 7:34 been ages since i heard that

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