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[Reddit] Next GRAND THEFT AUTO TITLE Details (Project Americas)
[PC Gamer] This GTA 6 ‘leak’ is detailed, but almost certainly fake
[Twitter] @jasonschreier


  1. Grand Dad Auto Redemption 6 has to be real guys! Right, right?

  2. Oh my God, the very first IG video I seen was a GTA V leaks video. With this video, I’ve come full circle.

  3. Wasn’t it confirmed that the leaks were fake?

  4. Just gonna say it now… before finishing so if they mention this in the video I applogize.

    THIS WAS PROVEN AS FAKE. The guy who posted this also is behind the LinkedIn account that too has been proven fake. None of this is legit. He got called out on it over Reddit and basically exposed himself.

  5. I’m not going to trust any rumor until the game comes out. I’ve learned my lesson over the years.

  6. easkate concepts

    “Winners don’t do drugs, they sell em”

    Is this how you guys funded the Inside Gaming return?

  7. I was JUST thinking today how cool it would be a next gen GTA with a vaporwave/outrun aesthetics!

  8. 5:13 omg Ashley and Gus!! Memories ?

  9. Unversed [XI's old channel]

    If the main character is called Ricardo, they better contact Ricardo Milos for face and motion capture

  10. I’m sure Rockstar are in no hurry to get GTA6 out, I mean GTAV is still printing money.

  11. Sounds like a “Driver: Parallel Lines” situation

    70s-80s -> Prison -> present day
    Or 70s -> Prison -> 80s

  12. My second cousin works for a dry cleaners that Miyamoto frequents and he told me that GTA6 is going to be Nintendo exclusive only on the Gameboy Color and will support the Gameboy Camera.

  13. Dns_Error(80710102)

    I miss the know lol and ashley, didn’t like them at first but funhas is awesome love the gta v streams

  14. Lawrence Sonntag

    UPDATE: I added a video to the description that seems to debunk this particular leak. I am curious about a few things but I’ll see if I can find more information about it.

    Just FYI – we had to record this episode a while ago due to being at RTX over the weekend, so it’s a little more out of date than our usual reporting.

    • @Mr Nobody watch the video lawrence linked in the comments, legacykilla does a really good job of explaining why the leak isn’t credible. It’s not like the RDR2 reddit leak.

    • Lawrence. I offer myself to you as: toilet. Lemme kno’. (I’m joking, but in reality, I think I might like you enough to let you so some weird shit to me, which I don’t say often)

    • Just take down the video then. You’re perpetuating false information.

    • Lawrence Sonntag

      @Zak Keith It’s got a sponsor. Also, no. We disclosed that they are rumors.

    • Lol u guys got got

  15. Ah, adam your humor is awesome. “winners don’t do drugs, they sell them”

  16. “I had the same dream!”

    ROFL. Love you Adam!

  17. Welcome to the know I’m Ashley Jenkins. I miss those days

  18. “THE KNOW ” RIP.
    At least we still get Brian so thank you bois

  19. A wild “the know appears”
    Also you couldn’t have reached out to your coworkers from the know that still work with the IG team about them reporting about it??

  20. Actually Bully 2 is more likely the next big game Rockstar releases. GTA 6 is still ~2+ years away.

    • Jake G I’m thinking initial release on current gen with a more polished version reaching next gen when they come out, similar to GTAV

      Bully 2 I mean

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