Grand Theft Adelaide (The Jimquisition)

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Recently we were contacted by an independent game from Adelaide, South Australia. Last year this dev was the target of an outrageous news report.

Outrageous for all the wrong reasons.

The Jimquisition applied more research, editing, production value, and talent to this story than Adelaide ever did.

Now a local TV news station gets to experience life on the other side of the camera.


  1. John cenas semen

  2. too close to reality

  3. My favourite #1 boglin boy.

  4. A Brit living in the United States giving a slagging off to a news station in Australia. Truly, the Internet is a great thing.

  5. “It’s virtual reality that’s *too close* to reality!”
    Is this real? This sounds like some Postal style parody of news reporting. This sounds like they took lines from a glowing review of Forza Horizon 3, and pasted it in the script.

    This is broadcast journalism in Australia? Jesus fucking Christ, what a mess.

  6. They did not target random people on the street. They intentionally targeted people who are 50+ years old, the exact kind of people who will push the news agenda.

  7. Never knew FOX and CNN had competition in Australia.

  8. So….. 9 is the Australian Fox?

  9. I didn’t know that they had foxes in Australia.

  10. They didn’t try very hard, and they didn’t have to. Their job is to scare old people for ratings.

  11. Y’know, back in the day us old fogies used to refer to this sort of thing as ‘yellow journalism’….

  12. I live in Adelaide, this doesn’t surprise me. Bugger all happens in South Australia so this would have been a big fresh juicy scoop of a story!

  13. Unlike Jim’s bout with Digital Homicide, here we have a case where the developer actually has a case against someone to sue them for defamation.

  14. My young impressionable brother plays voilent games all the time, and they’re never gonna inspire him to do anything voilent, because all I had to do was tell him that these games aren’t real, and tell him the crazy tales about the kids who thought these games were real.

  15. Traditional TV is dying. Nobody is going to miss it.

  16. You know what I find to be the most offensive about these ‘OMG violent video games’ hit pieces? The people who create them clearly have 0 respect for, or faith in, the intelligence and mental stability of the people who create and/or play them.

  17. Next time there’s a Jim video on Rockstar Games, I want ever single comment to be “who is rockstar games”

  18. Rockstar sues 9News = peace in the world!

  19. You know what isn’t a breach of South Australian state law? Marrying your cousin.

  20. I have a feeling that this story is going to pick up A LOT of traffic.

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