Golf-it Funny Moments – Delirious Finally Plays Again! (Hole In One Challenge)

Friends in Video:

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  1. Play Valorant

  2. Anyone notice that the music bit at the end is not in the frame correctly

  3. Jajaja 😂

  4. “Chicken pot pie is like the pussy of food.” -Daithi De Nogla 2022

  5. Skull x fire 98 2.0

    I can’t breathe derlious farted

  6. Fool's Gaming Center


  7. Kermit The Super Luigi Fan

    Outro is off screen

  8. Daddy Vanyoss

  9. The kings have returned.
    This made my day.

  10. I’m loving legion lol hilarious.

  11. how did this come out today? i swear i watched this last week ?! eh?

  12. Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦

    It’s always fun seeing them play more games with legion and also delirious playing golf it again

  13. it makes me happy to see you are still making videos. me and my old friends in 2019/2018 used to Roplay as you guys I used to be Lui cuz I sounded like him back then. we always played Fortnite/GTA together, but after my PSN account got banned we haven’t spoken since 🙁 Before my account got deleted/banned the USERID was FaZeToxicCute and the first UserID was MAbdou11 and I had a other friend called “JennyMarch33” this was in 2017 to 2018 or 2019, we spoke so much we loved GTA, we matched GTA fits. we were best friends and back then we used to sing Rolex by Ayo and Teo we always would sing it together, always made me laugh. 😄I bet at least 1 of my old friends will see this or scroll past this I had over 1k friends. if you know me please reply to this message.

  14. 5:15 that Evan frustration voice xD

  15. Anyone else notice the outro? Lol

  16. He messed up the outtro everyone unsubscribe right now

  17. Legion is built different

  18. “GET IN THE HOLE” That what she said 😅🤣😏

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