GoldenEye: Source 5.0 – Official Release Trailer

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: is a free online multiplayer arena first-person shooter that aims to provide a faithful recreation of the classic N64 title GoldenEye ’s multiplayer with refined gameplay, high definition graphics and sound. A total conversion modification on ’s Source engine, it has been in development for over 10 years.

Preload !


  1. Obrigadooo por fazer os jogos antigos voltarem ao tempo nos precisamos mas
    que isso voces sao fodas sou fã do nintendo 64

  2. damn son

  3. Congratulations on this seriously big release! :D

  4. Hang on this game already had a remake.

  5. so awesome!

  6. Big Blue Frontend

    Don’t get the obsession with Goldeneye. it sucked then, and it sucks now.
    It came out AFTER Quake and was worse/more limited in every way.


  7. Single-Player????

  8. I’m getting really bad screen tear. Is there a way to put vsync on or is
    that not the issue?

  9. Holy crap…. Now THIS is how you may homage to something! Holy cow I can’t
    wait to try this out….

  10. Played this game to death in college. Great times. Downloading right now.

  11. looks awesome. brings back memories of one of the greatest and most
    memorable games of the 90s

  12. I still remember these maps and it has been nearly 20 years since I played

  13. daniel quintela quintela

    Adoro esse jogo no nintendo 64… vou ver se consigo experimentar esse

  14. Local split-screen multiplayer?

  15. Was that the Moonraker shuttle?

  16. I keep getting an error that stops the download when I’m downloading using
    the torrent link

  17. will be any severs around south east asia ?

  18. I hope they can get Linux support in, I probably won’t ever get around to
    the headache of getting it to run with Wine. Unfortunately, according to
    the FAQs on their website, Linux support is quite a ways off.

  19. I hope some company buys this and makes you the head of the division and
    pay you millions !! man you deserve this you just connected generations!

  20. no splitscreen :(

  21. dude.. :o

  22. You people asking for single player do realize there were like 2 or 3
    remakes of GoldenEye right???

    GoldenEye reloaded. Google it

  23. DK Mode and paintball!!

  24. looks rad. bet $20 Nintendo cans it. they’re like an angry mother bear when
    it comes to their intellectual property. awesome job tho

  25. Daniel Lo Nigro (Daniel15)

    1:00 Fire through the floor :D

  26. singleplayer ?

  27. Nicholas O'Halloran

    Nostalgia overload

  28. Does everything still blow up in you’re face

  29. I got this game only because I thought there would be single player. What a

  30. What’s in the update?

  31. i am having an absolute blast playing. i also love that the secret passages
    and rooms are still here as well :)

  32. Error (Non 7z archiver) help please :(


  34. Guy’s this is awesome! I am installing it as we speak. One question? And I
    hope not to sound ignorant or greedy but…. is it possible you guys could
    export to the Samsung Gear VR? Nice thing bout android, you wouldn’t have
    to go through the Oculus store, just make it available as a download? I
    would shit myself playing this in VR…if even only a few maps.

  35. 7-zip: CRC error?

  36. Cristiano Pereira (Rurounik)

    Fantastic work.

  37. Cue Nintendo being bitches in 3, 2, 1…

  38. Shame there will be no single player as I used to absolutely love this

  39. Awesome! Now for someone to create this using Cry Engine… PogChamp

  40. Took 10 years??? Wow

  41. Doing the Lords work.

  42. But golden eye isn’t a good game. It was amazing for the time, but
    literally the only reason to play it now is for nostalgia.

  43. @Goldeneye: Source — Can you play this with SDK 2013, Multiplayer? Or do
    you need to use the 2007 version still? Thanks!


  44. Why has there been no plans to make a single player campaign? come on make
    a kickstarter or something.

  45. But, if I shoot a monitor will it fall down?

    Without that kind of brilliant and just fun attention to detail it’s not
    real GoldenEye; and that’s already ignoring the complete lack of the
    single-player, which I personally think was always the best thing about
    GoldenEye 64 anyway (even though the multi-player was obviously great too).

  46. A little sad the RPG doesn’t make it’s distinguished noise as it did on the

  47. Downloading now. I currently have the 4.7 version. Do I need to uninstall
    it before installing 5.0? :)

  48. oh shit dawg

  49. What consoles with this be on

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