GOBLINS AND GOLEMS – You Have A More Gold In The You Vault

You goblin!


  1. seagull production

    and in that moment, we were all goblin.

  2. If a friend asked me to play this with him, I’d be more offended than that
    time someone threw poop at me.

  3. I was gonna buy DS3 but maybe this would be more of a challenge and ….nah
    sorry I feel dirty saying this…

  4. Me goblin?

  5. It’s actually a high-art piece about what goes on in your digestive system.

  6. Dr Rainbows the Unicorn

    Bumbo want a more gold in the Bumbo stomach.

  7. Fabio Ramos Afonso

    Goblins Must Die! Simulator 2015

  8. WARNING: dev currently have a meldown , deleting comments , threads and he
    straight admit he will delete anything that is “insulting or downvote

  9. In which big daddy papa Jim Sterling tells you wot’s wot.

  10. Pounding it.

  11. This is just a shit Tower Defense.

  12. I thought you were Uncle Jim-Jim?!

  13. Interestingly, I found this game in my voting queue (and promptly selected
    “not interested”) seconds before finding this video.

    It is important to note, though, that the description has been overhauled,
    and the “story” section is significantly bigger than the “game process”
    section. Good to know where the dev’s priorities are. Oh, and there are
    still grammatical errors.

    (Also: perhaps I’m stating the obvious, but just like every entry like
    this, the dev is hyperdefensive and has censored a lot of criticism,
    including a “review,” whatever that means)

  14. Hi Daddy Jim, nice to se.. what are you doing Daddy Jim? What is that? No,
    no, please don’t, I don’t like it Daddy Jim, please.

  15. just remember, goblins don’t like keys.

  16. You’re not my real dad!!!

  17. This is more of a screensaver than a game.

  18. I feel like “YOU GOBLIN” needs to become an awful catchphrase or something

  19. I mean, aesthetically, it does have a nice style, but it falls flat because
    there’s no real effort put into making it different or unique. If,
    stylistically, they put more effort and more time, and took it somewhere
    besides “brown”, it theoretically could have worked.

  20. #BoglinWatch2016 continues

  21. you shall forever be know as Father Jim

  22. I love you pop pop.

  23. Johnny “ACBlackJ0ck” Takigero

    Good to see that the people that did translations for NES games are making
    greenlight games

  24. Ew! Goblins! I don’t like em!

  25. Please tell me your stepson calls you “Pop-pop”, Jim.

  26. Watch out Jim Jim some people consider you pointing out crap that indie
    “devs” shit out on Greenlight for a quick buck “bullying”.

  27. I’m thinking more, it was just not ready for presenting, at the time it was
    put on greenlight. The walls and floors kind of look like an early engine,
    where it has some similarity to the craggy bendy look of Dungeon Keeper. So
    I’m not totally convinced the developer can’t do it yet, as I could imagine
    a very very early Dungeon Keeper looking like this long before it was ready
    to be presentable.

  28. So this is where the Fighting Polygon Team came from.

  29. RockBandAddict666

    Well at least it’s not simulator #693784237894234

  30. I was playing the first two *King’s Field* games earlier this evening, so I
    can without hyperbole that yes, this game *does* look like a PS1 game from
    1994. Sure this game has a *slightly* better framerate, but at least KF was
    about more than squashing mud men with logs.

  31. I think there’s a grain of seed for a fun game here. redo the sound and add
    life to the visuals, keep the play doh art style and make a first person
    multi-player tower defense. might be fun or funny

  32. Svetlana Sygiainen

    Well, he does say “Your gold” right after, so i guess it’s on purpose?

  33. Well… the art style looks competent..

  34. kinda looks like alone in the dark

  35. Soon we’ll discover that foreigners make shitty games on Greenlight to
    smuggle in code/data for use in activities of dubious legality.

  36. I no a goblin but this hoe maybe goblin be are. You the have threes and
    golem they die from a are threes. Gold is save for you.

  37. “Everything looks like it was molded from play doh” – But not in the cool
    claymation art style that that implies

  38. “Know your limitations–don’t try if you aren’t capable of succeeding”

    Jim Sterling best motivator 2016.

  39. great, now all my reccommended videos are clash of clans related

  40. Oh no Jim. You’ve just invited a lot of people to just start calling
    you”daddy” now….Prepare for the storm…

  41. “You Goblin”: the bizzaro world equivalent of “No Goblin”.

  42. In other news, I just decided to buy an OV mod for my OR 100 tube amp..

  43. It looks like some Atari Jaguar game.

  44. Delirus Innominata

    No, we don’t. How did you get through nursing school?

  45. Me goblin? No, no, no… you Goblin.

  46. So….Orcs must die but infinitely more shit then.

  47. How much is it? All the gold from the you vault is gone since a golem took
    FYI me goblin

  48. It looks like they tried to make a tower defense esk game with things like
    garrys mod death run elements

  49. Jim have you seen that new hobo game on green light?

  50. Building RS Project

    The game design looks pretty good, though I like games similar to tower
    defences. Shame it’s done by an inexperience developer.

  51. You goblin! They have more gold in the you vault!

  52. Looking at the greenlight page now, it looks like the dev’s fixed some of
    the grammar on the description.

  53. This what happens when you want to create your own Orcs Must Die game, but
    you have only 3 textures, 2 sound files, 4 3d models, and just a basic
    knowledge of JavaScript

  54. Thanks Pop Pop!

  55. I mean, it looks like an interesting thing in concept, if it was an alpha
    it be interesting…

  56. You smart. You loyal. You Goblin.

  57. Still better than Orcs Must Die Unchained.

  58. you have a more gold in the you vault.


  59. 1 “Aphid” Person

    Great to see a developer who misspells the word “genre” as “ganre”

  60. Where’s the You Vault?

  61. I wonder if the creator of this game thought he was doing some sort of
    really interesting retro aesthetic, like Devil Daggers for example. Well,
    he failed pretty hard. XD

  62. ok dad.

  63. ok pop pop i will obey.

  64. I’m so surprised no one has taken jim Sterling footage and uploaded it to
    green light as a trailer yet.

  65. I always thought it was strange that I have a more gold in the you vault.
    This game saved my life.

  66. You Goblin, Such Gold, Much Vault.

  67. You have cool idea in your headspace and you want to create it? What’s
    wrong? You can’t do that? Well I know what you can do, study, practice, go
    to college maybe.

  68. well, you wanted original art…

    Now that I’ve said this, it probably turns out to be a asset flip.

  69. We are all the goblin Jim…

  70. Just as many goblins as the movie Troll 2 has trolls.

  71. You goblin!

  72. S̶u̶b̶t̶l̶e̶ ̶I̶n̶s̶a̶n̶i̶t̶y̶

    Is typing your Greenlight descriptions like an illiterate moron a thing now
    or are there really that many foreign people making games

  73. I actually like the concept of this one. Hell, I don’t even mind how it
    looks – of course clean it up so that it runs smoother, but new traps would
    embelish it to look better, it may not be the best game around but with
    generally more in the game you could pass off the appearence as stylistic
    quite easily.

    First-person traps laying sounds fun, and I would want to play a game
    looking like this if I was successfully promised more to
    it in terms of enemy types (golem types?), upgrades, traps, levels etc.

    Oh and err.. find someone who speaks English to help with your English.

    Nice vid, Jim!

  74. So, Orcs Must Die knockoff?

  75. Reminds me a bit of Dark Souls.

  76. Matthew Jenkinson

    Developer: Unless you are going for some simple geometry lookin’ art style,
    use the fragment shader, it’ll look a lot nicer. You’ll also need to
    interpolate the geometry for some added smoothness for the full effect.

  77. Christian Neihart

    Someone’s trying very hard to be Dungeon Keeper.

  78. You know what’s a pretty good first person tower defense game? Sanctum.
    Then again, why that when you could play this?

  79. what a quality trailer. It doesn’t make clear the objective at all; I
    thought it might be about getting the golems through traps unharmed until
    Jim got to the store description.

  80. Goblet Grotto’s better.

  81. What are the odds that this game actually has co-op? The dev doesn’t seem
    to be competent enough to let the player spawn traps let alone add
    multiplayer features.

  82. “YOU!” “What?” “GOBLIN!” “The fu**ing what mate???”

  83. Ah, I remember my game development rebellious stage.

  84. Basically a poor man’s Orcs must die.

  85. I the most a gold in the you vault had to pay for make defending on the
    golem, it is not strange that i the defend against meancing.

  86. I don’t mind the way it looks but it needs good gameplay.

  87. So.. this is basically a really shitty version of Orcs Must Die?

  88. It’s just like Dark Souls!

  89. She goblin last night

  90. See the thing I don’t get here is why you as a Goblin have your own vault,
    really stop and think about that for a moment. Let’s set aside who the hell
    has an army of stone golems of such poor craftsmanship that is also daft
    enough to send them in single-file. There are some barmy mages out there to
    be sure, and reagents are expensive so of course you raid a vault for
    gold… but why does a single goblin have his own vault? I could see a clan
    of goblins re-purposing an abandoned vault, I could see some Goblins as
    meat shields for the vault of someone more important. But if you’re telling
    me a single goblin is canny enough to gather some gold and secure a
    vault… Nope. I’d believe a Kobold or a Formorian maybe, but not a Goblin.

  91. Um…..I’d actually kind of like it if Jim was my dad. Is that weird?

  92. Can we… like, have another Trap Door game? Berk, Drutt, Bony and Rogg
    needs more love.

  93. So, where is the Quantum break video Jim? Why was everyone riding the
    hypetrain for AK, but noone wants to report on QB. It’s even more broken…

  94. Me goblin?
    Me goblin.

  95. Jim if you are our Poppop things just got weird, because every one of your
    videos gives me a chubby

  96. SaintAlia_of_the_Games

    Steam needs to have a ‘Demo station’ or something. People post their work,
    they get feedback, and people can donate if they want to. People charging
    money for these games and some of those games that seem to be in perpetual
    EA seem like highway robbery to me.

  97. Why the fuck are there ads on this video? Did the asshat copyright claim

  98. WTF is this?!?

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