Gmod – CALL OF DUTY! – Guess Who! (Delirious Perspective)

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Friends in Video:

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos:
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  1. Just have to say love your videos proudly a member for over 1 year!

  2. Just wish I could catch a twitch stream

  3. That scream of pure terror was amazing. Was eating and had to struggle to not spit my food out.

  4. When pigs fly wildcat turns around to death and wildcat not there anymore

  5. I appreciate the banjo and kazooie sound track in the background I was just playing that game the other day

  6. Anyone else want to never sleep and just keep chasing. That feeling is insane.

  7. omg this map is soo nostalgic

  8. nice to see moo again :”)

  9. 10:01 Such a classic Delirious scream.

  10. They updated the boogie man! You should definitely play it!

  11. We need more GMod!!!!!!!!

  12. thumbnail author cannot into firearm ammunition xd

  13. Wilcat just came in an ad for the hummer ev

  14. puncake

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