Girl Tries to Expose Zion Williamson… It Does Not Go Well



  1. Anyone got some tea

    Let me catch my daughter trying to expose Zion Williamson

  2. Let me catch my daughter exposing a man.

  3. I was turning up the gas chambers but birdman uploaded

  4. These females really think they something.

  5. I haven’t been this early since bird man made a Eugene video.

  6. Hmmm, something doesn’t seem right with that picture…

  7. The girl was one of Paul George side chicks and got mad at him when he stopped playing in the PG’S so tryed to expose him.

  8. My girl was giving me head before this notification came out

  9. I like how he added his penis size, just makes give the man more respect.

  10. Let me catch my son saying “good video” 30 seconds after a 30 minute video was posted

  11. This lady gonna be having regret of this for decades to come

  12. Chase Carlson Lööp master

    I just realized that your team emblem is a picture of Jonny Sins😂

  13. Birdman starting to worry me with all of his gay comments..

  14. That’ll be the highlight of her young life. Nobody will remember this or the girl by next week.

  15. 2:35
    “You miss 100percent of the shots you don’t take”

  16. Exposed for being a normal dude like the rest of us, which is getting rarer and rarer these days it seems.

  17. Anybody else notice his team picture in the bottom right corner is Johnny sins.

  18. Hoes be like atoms, cause they makin up everything

  19. Birdman doesn’t even bother to say “no homo” anymore.

  20. Lemme catch my son talking about Zion’s BBC without saying no homo

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