Gigantamaxing Changes the Game in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️?️

? Galar Research Update ?

✅ Gigantamaxing
✅ New Pokémon
✅ Galar Pokémon League
✅ New Gym Leaders

Time to learn more about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!


  1. Calling it now, Rose and Oleana are totally evil; I know villain when I see it.

  2. Sleepingeevee 6

    When the new region is based on Britain but game freak hasn’t leaked tea and crumpets pokemon.
    “ today I lost more than you can ever know.”

  3. Honestly, I would have welcomed this with open arms if they didn’t effectively say “This is all you’re getting”

  4. I haven’t seen the pokemon community so divided since generation 5…

  5. I don’t hate it, but i don’t love it.
    Lack of water Pokemon 5/10 ign.

  6. Wow, more new Pokemon I won’t be able to bring to Sword and Shield 2.

  7. Gen 2 never gets love, so…..

    I will miss you, my sweet Cyndaquil.

  8. Wow, a feature that lets your Pokemon transform into different, stronger forms of themselves!


  9. All Usernames Taken

    Wow I really gotta look at that 4chan leak again, this is like the fifth correct leak in a row.

  10. Okay so these giga forms are literally just drafted mega forms got it
    Then why remove Megas?????

  11. Luka ccconfusion

    Gamefreak: Gen 8 is arriving this year
    Fans: What did it cost…
    Gamefreak: Everything.

  12. Mega evolution: We take popular Pokemon, as well as lesser known ones, and make them more powerful with a new design.

    Gigantamaxing: We do that too, but now they’re BIG.

  13. Gamefreak: Okay you guys, how are we going to improve the next game?

    Patrick: Have you considered setting it to Wumbo?

  14. Game freak: “We’re focusing our resources on new and improved animations”
    Also Game freak: 0:25

  15. Gamefreak: But you don’t understand! Dynamax makes EVERY pokemon special, unlike mega!
    Also Gamefreak: Gigantamax is only for a few pokemans, sorry.

  16. N…Nintendo? Nintendo this looks an awful lot like Mega Evolution.

  17. “Removed megas and z-moves for balancing purposes”
    “Introduces megas and stronger 3 turn Z moves with added effects such as stealth rocks and defog into the 1”

    Masuda: “Okay, so that was a freaking lie”

  18. Yet another leak proven true. So, whos ready for spy Sobble?

  19. WooIn Louie YANG

    Where is my national dex? Dislike

  20. Pokémon Fans: We want a bigger amount of Pokémon in the Game !

    GF: Did you just say BIGGER POKÈMON ?

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