Ghost of Tsushima’s State Of Play – Press X To Pay Respects (OMGH)

Ghost of Tsushima is out in July, and the long-awaited Sucker Punch game looks like it might be pretty good! Sony recently showed more of it off in a State of Play presentation, and now I’m going to vandalize it by talking over it.

From nodding in respect to worthy opponents, to scaring the hell out of them, to in-game cosmetics, Ghost of Tsushima is looking like something I might actually enjoy. That’d be nice!

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  1. Calling it, Jim is going to make a pink Samurai.

  2. HurpasDurpas123

    Looks like a better version of Assassin’s Creed, and all I’ve really wanted is an assassin’s creed set in Japan so I guess this’ll do.

  3. The Snark Knight

    I cannot overstate how desperate I am for this to be good

  4. Carlos Casanova

    I’m sold, I just want to pet a fox

  5. Was the best presentation in a long time to be honest. I like how the art style is very consistent. UI, Characters, environment, camera position. Everything seems so fitting.

  6. Jim’s getting existential in his old age.

  7. Yeah, fine, whatever, but do the horse’s bollocks shrink when it gets cold?

  8. Actual gameplay in a presentation. Surprising.

  9. The Raddest Scorpion

    I hadn’t thought about Stadia since last century.

  10. “It’s 8:57 AM” me looks at my Central clock, “yes, yes it is.”

  11. Looting on horses made we way too happy

  12. I gotta say, having the wind blow into the direction of your waypoint instead of a marker is pretty genious

  13. Jim Sterling is the lovechild of Stewart Lee and B S Johnson.

  14. “I didnt see it I was too busy…eating a sausage or something”

    Oh Jim, you naughty boy you.

  15. Couldn’t remember what he was doing yesterday.. So he assumed he may have been eating a sausage.. Damn it Jim, you’re a goddamn treasure. Never change.

  16. TheRealTanSeeker

    Some peeps wanted Japanese Assassins Creed. I’ve wanted a new Tenchu. Everyone’s happy 👍

  17. Jim Sterling lives in the US for people from Scotland who want to wrestle him.

    Also he lives in the US.
    So there is that.

    That’s all, thank you.

  18. the mongols are using spears so much that the game screams the need for MIKIRI COUNTER

  19. “You can say whatever you want, words don’t matter anymore” – Jim Sterling, 2020 Presidential Candidate

  20. “It is how games used to be.” Listen up, kids. You used to get a game to play and actually play stuff out. I remember the days, before achievements and DLCs and grinding (for any reason).

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