Getting Over It Again

Mystery Box ►►


  1. Why does Mark do this to himself?

  2. Find it wholesome how Mark’s sponsors force him to suffer.

  3. I need to play this now

  4. That chair was sweating

  5. 👉Amelia- g0 T0 MY Channel livе (now)

    Glad to see how much Mark emotionally matured since he last played this masterpiece.

  6. This game is so easy if you accept that you will fail.

  7. My favorite quote from this video: “AHHH *gasp* AHHH *gasp* AHHH *deep breath* AHHHHH OOOOOOO It’s fine.”

  8. Congratulations on beating this game again! 💗💜💙

  9. There is still some good news: He still didn’t ride the snake. If he did, it would take him back to the very beginning. He still has a long fall, but it’s nothing compared to how far he might have fallen.

  10. I can hear Bob muyskerm and LordMinion777 typing behind their keyboards: “Just stop pushing off the mountain, Mark!”

  11. My mom is insane and when she tried this she found it very relaxing…….I’m scared of her now

  12. Legendary.

  13. Mark’s left brain: Stop swinging we need to calm down.

    Mark’s right brain: IM GOING FOR IT

  14. Watching this live, it felt like he was falling almost every 5 minutes-

  15. 50:20 Mark: This is what it means…
    My brain: _to go even further beyond_
    Mark: …to make an oath.
    Me: Oh. 🙁

  16. Hey wait wait wait…
    Uh oh again.

  17. yo mark can u make a baldi basics remastered vid the game got upgraded and really good

  18. RIP headphones users

  19. Im scared for my ears

  20. mark stayed silent for 1:07 after that huge fall 🤣🤣

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