Killing Floor how to join friend’s game

killing floor flamethrower

“How to join friend’s game?” is probably the most asked question on the Killing Floor forums.

This is because virtually every time you try Steam’s “Join Game” menu item you will get “Server not responding”. I’m not sure WHY this happens, but here is how to get around it.

If your friend is playing on a dedicated server, all you need to do is click the “View Game Info” menu item on your Friends List and copy the IP for the server. Then, in the Killing Floor game, click Multiplayer->Internet Games tab->Right click on background->Open IP then paste the IP address your friend is on. Your friend’s game should now load for you.

killing floor join friends game

If your friend is playing on a listen server (i.e. he is hosting the current game on his own computer) then it is more complicated. First, he has to go the killing floor folder then system folder and open KillingFloor.ini. Change [UPNP] Enabled to false and ServerBehindNAT set it to True. If he has a firewall he has to use port forwarding.

The following is a list of ports used by Killing Floor. Make sure they are open in the router/firewall. (You will need these to host a listen server)

7707 UDP/IP (Game Port)
7708 UDP/IP (Query Port)
7717 UDP/IP (GameSpy Query Port)
28852 TCP/IP and UDP (Allows your Server to Connect to the Master Server Browser)
8075 TCP/IP (Port set via ListenPort that your WebAdmin will run on)
20560 UDP/IP (Steam Port)

Additionally, if you have used Killing Floor SDK or have it installed, it creates a file that will block multiplayer server access. Simply delete the file “steamappid.txt” commonly located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\KillingFloor\System\steamappid.txt

The above should fix most issues with hosting a listen server. If not, it is likely something specific to your computer/router/connection.

Killing Floor Gimli That Axe achievement

killing floor dwarf axe

The Gimli That Axe achievement seems to be asked about alot on the Killing Floor forums because of it not unlocking properly, so here are the details to get this to work for you achievement hunters.


After getting this Killing Floor achievement you’ll be able to purchase the powerful Dwarfs?! two-handed axe with knock back effect from the trader. There are a couple issues which make people think this is bugged, but really isn’t if you follow these steps.

First, make sure your Steam Profile is public so Killing Floor will be able to determine if you own and have unlocked the ‘Not-a-war-hammer’ achievement in Dwarfs?!. To do this, click on your Steam profile, click ‘Edit Profile’ then click the ‘My Privacy Settings’ tab.

If you purchased the video game Dwarfs?! you can already buy the Gimli axe from the trader, but to get the actual Gimli That Axe achievement you’ll need to get the ‘Not-a-war-hammer’ achievement in Dwarfs?!. To do this you need to get a cumulative total of 40k gold in the Arcade version of play. That should be straightforward.

If you don’t own Dwarfs?! you can still play Dwarfs?! F2P to get the ‘Not-a-war-hammer’ achievement from the free to play version.

dwarfs not-a-war-hammer

Next time you load Killing Floor it should check your public Steam profile for this Dwarfs?! achievement, and if found, unlock the Gimli That Axe achievement.

Note if you have both Dwarfs?! and Dwarfs?! F2P in your Steam library, make sure the first game listed has the ‘Not-a-war-hammer’ achievement as the Killing Floor check seems to stop at the first Dwarfs?! entry. However the Dwarf?! achievements should transfer between the two games when they are each started, so you only have to unlock ‘Not-a-war-hammer’ once.

Killing Floor Co-op Survival Horror FPS

killing floor bedlam shotgun

Killing Floor is a dark, gritty and terrifying indie game where co-op players battle to survive after a biological contagion releases cloned bloodthirsty human mutations upon the streets of London.

Originally developed as a mod for Uneal Tournament 2004, it became popular enough to release as a stand alone video game in 2009 by Tripwire Interactive and is still supported by the devs to this day, with an active player base.

killing floor trader

Killing Floor is a first person shooter, with each match taking place in one of dozens of unique maps around England, where the players fight waves of zombie-like hordes until the ‘boss’ Patriarch appears to wreak havoc and the match ends in victory or death. It’s survival horror right at it’s very core. Players earn money by killing specimens and staying alive each wave, and between waves they may buy or sell weapons and body armor at a trader while it’s temporarily safe.

killing floor perk effects sharpshooter

Each player may select a perk at the start of the match and switch between waves. Each perk is like a character class, and gives bonuses to certain items and play style. Each level up to a max of 6 gives increased bonuses, and Perks are leveled up using specifics to each class.

  • Field Medic – Bonuses to healing and body armor with slight movement bonus.
  • Support Specialist – Damage bonuses when using shotguns and welding bonus.
  • Sharpshooter – Damage bonuses when using sniping weapons and scoring headshots.
  • Commando – Damage bonuses when using assault weapons
  • Berserker – Damage bonuses using melee weapons with movement bonus and damage reduction.
  • Firebug – Damage bonuses when using fire weapons and resistance to fire.
  • Demolitions – Damage bonuses when using explosives.

Beginner tip: Until you have a perk at level 5, you will always start a match with a knife and a pistol, so the best perk to start with is the Sharpshooter for it’s bonus damage using pistols as well as head shots. If you pick anything else you’re just gimping yourself, and the team. You can switch perks after the next wave when you have enough money to buy a better weapon.

killing floor frightyard kfo axe

Killing Floor can be played single player or co-op multiplayer up to a team of 6, with the game scaling automatically to fit the number of players and difficulty level. As either increases, so does the number and strength of most of the specimens coming to kill you. This makes team playing very important and players who don’t work together usually don’t last very long. Up to 32 zeds at a time randomly appear at various spawn points on each map, and head towards the nearest player. This means these mutated creatures could easily appear from above or behind your position and surprise you if you’re not careful.

Killing Floor also supports custom mods from players covering anything from new maps and items to new perks and profiles. I recently played a map which was a replica of Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings. Trippy. A great feature is if you join a server that is using mods, they will be downloaded automatically for you. You can also find and install them manually if you wish to play solo, or even set up your own server.

killing floor workshop

Killing Floor has a large number of downloadable content (DLCs) that are mostly cosmetic, providing different skins for the player or new items such as the gold plated AK47. The new weapons are roughly equivalent to existing weapons so these DLCs are mostly for show and to support the developers. The Commando Chicken outfit seems to be popular.

killing floor dlcs

Although basically Killing Floor is about killing the crazed mutated specimens and surviving the match, the replay value is there due to the dynamics of team play, different strategies and random enemy spawns. Some teams may ‘camp’ a certain area so they know the direction the zeds must come from and try to defeat them with massed firepower, where other teams may keep moving around the map, kiting the zeds so as not to be surrounded. Both tactics are viable depending on the map and the players but make no mistake – this game is challenging. Even the best players will find themselves getting eaten more often than not on the higher difficulties. The simple yet clever game play in Killing Floor is what makes it so enjoyable.

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