Gears 5 – Swarms My Heart (Jimpressions)

Gears 5 is pretty damn good, huh? A campaign that dares to revitalize the series’ formula, backed up by some classic multiplayer, Horde Mode, and all that nonsense. It’s real good.

It’s gorgeous to boot, with great lighting, meaty effects, and an icy new environment with all the snowy fun it entails. I’m tired. I was up all night playing Gears 5. So tired.


  1. Starts vid… instant childhood trauma and tears

    6:33 Worst movie title ever

  2. “Not Botw but good Zelda games”

    There is a reason why I love Jim

  3. OMG That intro music killed me… ???
    Where’s the flying snowman!?

  4. Ripping on BotW fanboys within 2 minutes. Blessed work.

  5. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Ramin Djawadi also composed the awesome ost’s, the same person who composed the Game of Thrones ost’s.

  6. “i am inherently and unethically biased against microsoft so i can only give it a 2/10 but that doesnt mean its not a great game”
    Jim Sterling, Gamespot Critic

  7. Cole Train still steals the scenes he’s in.

    Also why would you say something so brave Jim?

  8. It says a lot that one of the biggest AAA games to be successful this year is from Microsoft and is a Gears game.

  9. God i love waking up with jim …..i mean i love when i get up and watch jim ……god damn it.

  10. “Not Breath of the Wild, a good Zelda game.” Thank god for you, Jim. You absolute blessing.

  11. I don’t not pay to come here to watch Jim not hate a game.

  12. The fact that this game is just included in Xbox Games Pass is WILD. That’s the best value in the industry right now.

    Love the game so far!

  13. “I’ll be in a coma one day, definitely… aaaand…”
    *loses train of thought*

  14. Some of the enemies have ridiculously good animations. In one of the early mission you’re in a dark tunnel and there’s those pale human like creatures running towards you and the way they move, hopping over obstacles and wall jumping all over the place, is really impressive.

  15. I can’t say I have any strong feelings regarding breath of the wild but god (thank him for Jim) do I love how Jim insists on poking the angry fanboy hordes of the internet with a sharp stick.

  16. “Feeling super tired and like shit increases your game a little bit”

    Mate, that’s the summary of hard-core MMO raiding. The worse you feel the better you play

  17. “Finish the fight” – Halo 3.
    Halo 6: “Halo: Infinite”

  18. Jim is a cheeky bastards. Still poking that Breath of the Wild bear years later. People got so mad about his review.

  19. Hey Jim, did you know video games love their skiffs?

  20. I don’t mind the female protag, but it’s odd to have a open-world (sort of) experience without four beautiful boys. Beautiful boy adventures are the best adventures!

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