Gay World – Even Hatred Tried Harder Than This (Direct To Video)

Steam’s barrel is bottomless, but that won’t stop this game trying to pop a bottle up it.


  1. Oh no….Oh no….please….why…?

  2. Now this is quality

  3. Are we going to get another nitpick theater? Those were always great!

  4. Jim senpai pls father my children

  5. I gotta say, as a member of the gay mafia, I’ve been waiting for my copy of the gay agenda for a few years now. Did it get lost in the mail?

  6. The Inconcievable Glueman

    A game for me


  8. Hi Daddy Jim Sterling, I’m gay for you. I want you to pin me, yell at me, and smear me in green paint and spank me like a disobedient avocado. Do it dad. DO IT.

  9. Hatred’s worst flaw was being boring, really. The engine used had some amazing effects though, although the game was optimised like shite. Can’t say the same about this load of wank.
    [British enough?]

  10. Did Alex Jones make this?

  11. 5:10 Jim becomes a Super Gaiyan!

  12. But !
    Is it going to have Lootboxes?

  13. Aw Steve Bannon found a new job after all

  14. To my surprise, what I found most depressing about this video was that when Jim said “Spear of Destiny”, I realised I’m one of the last dozen old geezers alive who still thinks of the Wolfenstein sequel instead of the PS4 blargh.

  15. This guy couldn’t be fucked to draw five trees?

  16. Oh joy, more bottom-of-the-barrel tripe that has to pander to the “hahaha, look at how politically incorrect we are!” crowd to have even a semblance of popularity.

  17. This is just too shit to deserve a controversy. The very definition of a low-energy troll.

  18. I kind of miss Hatred.

    It was an obvious attempt to court controversy but if edgy marketing was the worst thing coming out of indie games then we probably had it pretty good.

  19. When you hate both gay people and putting any effort into your work.

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