Gang Beasts Funny Moments – Back After Five Years!

Friends in Video:

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    Let’s just appreciate how much time and work he puts in these videos to make our day, huge respect!!

  2. K I N G _ R E T A R D

    This brings me back

  3. Hidden fang society

    You definitely need to get the entire crew together for this I’d love to see the group at this

  4. Mr_Thrasher_DoesArtzYT

    The next game you should play Vanoss is… “Sonic Frontiers”

  5. Gang beasts is backkkkk

  6. i needed this rn

  7. “I feel bad that delirious isn’t here” you can tell he would go crazy if a shark ate a cheeseburger

  8. POV: You watched this on Nogla’s channel two weeks and now you’re watching it again to show your support for both channels. 😂

  9. More videos with pasta!

  10. vanoss and pasta is the collab i never thought i’d watch

  11. Can you make another gta funny moments video

  12. Im so glad he’s revisiting some classics!

  13. They keep missing the chance to say: “it’s a shark eating a cheese burger”

  14. Me to Scotty:

  15. 😂😂the nostalgia I’m glad pasta was there please do more of these they are amazing

  16. The shark got vanoss 😂🤣

  17. The shark said your coming with me chicken 😂😂😂

  18. i realized they are playing alot of old games with old people

  19. Is there going to be a Thanksgiving gmod death run this year?

  20. wait i have been watching VanossGaming for 5 years ? dam that went fast .

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