Gaming Disorder (The Jimquisition)

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Let’s talk about Gaming Disorder. A much ballyhooed classification by the World Health Organization, this official designation of gaming addiction is seen as unnecessary and alarmist in many gaming circles.

Is it, however, a genuinely problematic classification, or a misunderstood one? We’re going to find out together!


  1. _I actually forgot it was Monday. You’re a miracle worker Jim._

  2. So early that it doesn’t even say Jimquisition

    Edit: I remember back in my day it didn’t even say Jimquisition

  3. He’s the Mysterio we deserve, and the one we need right now.

  4. This video is so on point and blunt, Jim didn’t even bother giving it a full title!

  5. jokes on you! I liked and subscribed before you told me to.

  6. Anti-Social Justice Warrior

    Jim Sterling vs Bobby Kotick is my most anticipated anime fight of 2020

  7. Thank God for Jim for blessing us on this Labor Day Monday. Amen.

  8. Jim actually makes a kickass Mysterio

  9. The WHO definition sounds exactly like gambling addiction without specifically mentioning money.

    Hint, hint, I suppose.

  10. My villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf told me to take a break from the game because I had been doing chores around the town for an hour. Yet another attack on gamers!

  11. Okay, is anyone else imagining how ‘excited’ Jim was when he got to dress up as Mysterio?!


    Okay. I gave you a like.
    He was just so polite.

  13. I have smoked cigarettes for 25 years and luckily have never gotten addicted to them

  14. Gaming IS and it WILL BE my favorite thing ever (even with its AAA flaws) but we need to take care when going overboard, and i dont mean to play 7 or 8 hour straight in a weekend, i meant when videogames get priority over things like study, work, food or social needs (family or friends online included) like Jim said i have been there too and let me tell you its more relaxing to play videogames after im done with my responsabilities and basic needs

  15. I really appreciate this video, Jim. What’s difficult about even having conversations about addiction is that the stigma impedes people’s understandings; addicts are viewed as having personally failed, or the U.S. president declares a war on drugs, but there’s rarely conversation about trauma induced by systemic failings. <3

  16. Was experimenting with a different video title style, but apparently that was an immediately failed experiment so I’ve gone and titled it like usual.

  17. In America, the War on Drugs convinced people that addiction is the fault of the addict and “just say no” is the common cure.

  18. Wait wait wait…
    Are you telling me the Cornflakes Homunculus wasn’t a SPONSORED MASCOT?!?

  19. Jim, why do you need a sponsorship deal with General Mills? Surely Kellogg’s are more than happy to renew their deal with you to feature the Corn Flakes Homunculus!

  20. WHO: Gaming Disorder is quite like Gambling Addiction, but without the Gambling part.

    EA: Let us fix that for you…

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