GameStop Isn’t Protecting Workers Or Customers During A Friggin’ Viral Outbreak

GameStop is placing profits over people in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Workers report being expected to continue working in a “high touch” environment without hand sanitizer, while still taking trade-ins.

While GameStop tells the public that it takes the outbreak seriously and is sanitizing its stores, the employees tell a different story. Sanitizer isn’t available, and store managers can’t find the stuff anymore. Still, they are expected to work.

It’s clear the company wants to capitalize on the situation and at least stay open until Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing are out. But doing so is risking lives. It’s as simple as that. Profit over people.

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  1. Jiminy “The Cricket” Sterling.

    I just wanted to say that.

  2. The greed of corporations knows no bounds. Workers are always seen as expendable

  3. Professor Linhardt

    I think that game stop wants to have a live version of Resident Evil so here they found a solution

  4. So what you’re saying is that Reggie REALLY has his work cut out for him.

  5. Smeg in the Heads

    Was literally saying this earlier and some chav in the party chat says they should still be open, smh

  6. Non essential you clearly never met the man who uses Gamestop as a bank

  7. Yeah, we had to buy our own sanitizer and hand wipes. With all the trade in’s and panic buys of consoles Gamestop is getting better business, so it’s not gonna close during this “great” time to make some money. Stocks dropping everywhere and Gamestop was like, “First time?”

  8. Is anyone really surprised at this point?

    Normal companies: “we’re doing everything to ensure both your safety and our associates!”

    GameStop: “guys, how can we once again, go corona-viral to make more money?”

  9. unelected bureaucrat

    They emailed me saying “don’t worry we are washing our hands”

  10. The pandemic has brought to light that some retail employees are actually “essential personnel” in society. People who work in grocery stores and supermarkets, gas station attendants (for places who forbid self service) and public transit workers among others are considered too important to let stay home. Too important to protect their own health and forced to deal with the public in close contact in the middle of a crisis.
    Gamestop isn’t one of them. Close.

  11. My school made an official announcement refusing to close and move to online classes for the semester, only saying that they’re “closely monitoring the situation” until our state government forced them to close _literally_ the next day. This is because college campuses make a _lot_ more money staying open than they do having online-only classes.

  12. There are several companies like this. H&M is also keeping their retail stores open while all the employees complain about it. They also are reducing the hours to sometimes 5hrs per week so that if they’re forced to close the stores and offer paid leave to the employees they’ll only pay whatever the employees were earning in the past week or two (so just a 5hr/week wage) this is corporate greed and douchebaggery to the max.
    They have an internal app for workers to communicate and it got flooded with complaints about them not caring for their employees health and H&M just deleted or archived all the negative messages/companies.
    For every complaint these company just say they’re monitoring the CDC announcements and that they are prioritizing their customers and employees’ health, which is a blatant lie.

  13. “Is Gamestop an essential business that must stay open in the face of an outbreak?”

    I dont consider Gamestop essential period. I’m still shocked in hasn’t caved in a long time ago. This is another of the many, many nails trying to finally bury this scourge of a company

  14. My local McDonald’s closed the dine in area and the digital kiosks to reduce the spread of the virus…… McDonalds has more care for it’s communities than GameStop

  15. I cashed out my Doom Eternal preorder yesterday in exchange for a currency card to go digital. The manager was telling me that the store is going to stay open, complying with our state government’s maximum occupancy requirement (less than 25, as of yesterday). I apologized, and told him that I don’t want to take the chance of being out $90 if the store does close down and I wanted to stop going outside for at least 2-3 weeks.

    I don’t think that stores are going to have much of a choice but to close in many states soon, as data continues to come in and governments react. For the sake of the remaining employees, I hope there’s still a company for them to get a paycheck from once/if this all ends.

  16. Of course they SAID they would protect their workers.

  17. Buy Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal.

    Somewhere else.

  18. The original email they sent out to all customers told us to stay home and enjoy their online store instead, and barely a few sentences later, encouraged customers to take advantage of their “pick up in store” option for online orders.

    That says everything.

  19. This is every retail related store. They can’t close, they’d lose moneys.

  20. You close down a game stop, it’s probably not going to re open.

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