Games That Embarrass The “AAA” Industry (The Jimquisition)

Shall we talk about good games doing good things? Between Borderlands 3 and Code Vein, we have examples of cosmetic rewards and customization done right in the “AAA” space.

With the catalog of Focus Home Interactive games, we have mid-tier games providing complete experiences that the market’s been starved of.

These are the titles totally humiliating the “AAA” industry.


  1. “Carmen Sandiego hat.” XD

  2. I’ve always felt that Bandai-Namco has been a good company, just most of their games are RPGs, which a lot of people ignore since Sqenix is always in the limelight for RPGs, or anime games. Heck, most of their games use an anime art-style, which doesn’t roll in the modern “AAA” games industry because “AAA” publishers love to push hyper realism. However, I feel a dynamic art-style overshadows dynamic realism in a game’s longevity, which is another thing the “AAA” games industry doesn’t do. They don’t make games that age well on purpose, with either shit or nonexistent single player, focusing heavily on the online multiplayer that once the servers go down, the game’s basically bricked. You can’t go back and have the same fun you had years ago with modern games, but you sure as hell can with most of the games Bandai-Namco releases. Heck, Bandai-Namco’s games that have online-multiplayer are more a bonus than the focus. Just look at Jim’s wet obsession, Dark Souls. Yes, it has a huge online community to help or hinder others who play online, but the entire game can be played solo and offline if you wish and you still get a full experience. Another game I feel goes against the “AAA” mindset would be Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter seems prime for “live-service” shenanigans, like loot boxes and paid “convenience”, but it isn’t. Except for a very few emotes, everything is earned through playing the game. You want that cool armor set? You kill monsters to make it. You want that awesome sword? Kill monsters to make it. Having trouble with a fight? Oh here’s some time sav… NOPE! Get your friends and have a blast killing monsters together! I could go on with the “AAA” shaming, but I’ve made my point. Just ignore companies like EA and Activision. They don’t make fun. They make busy work.

  3. Jim Sterling: “Oh look, a bear. I’m gonna poke it. 7/10”

    Me: ROFL “Poke that bear, I love it.”

  4. Jim, you were this close “-” to praising Randy Pitchford himself.

  5. 3 words : earth defense force

  6. 2019 really has been a disgusting year for gaming. Such a shame that the entire medium is tarnished by such an obnoxious drivel of greedy scumbags with no sense of empathy, standards or dignity.

    P.S: How was your hangover after Breakpoint, Jim? XD

  7. Margeaux McClelland

    “Don’t you wish your girlfriend wore a hat like me?” Hahaha!

  8. I’m starting to feel like Jim is reinventing his persona and look more than David Bowie did.

  9. Jim should put “Bugger for a Hat” on his tombstone.



  11. “If cosmetics didn’t matter, r/fashionsouls wouldn’t exist.” A-friggin-men.

  12. There’s a quote for your game, “more range than Mariah Carey!” – Jim Sterling

  13. “You can join the rest of the nation and thank God for Me” Scuse me, Jim? I think you mean the rest of the WORLD!

  14. “Can’t be embarrassed if making good games isn’t the goal!” -Android Wilson, probably

  15. When it comes to cosmetics, just remember: “The hatter says they matter!”

  16. Jim sterling’s custom character has made me realize something. Jim’s just Elton John if he got into video games first.

  17. The amount of times my friends have said ‘Woah, that’s a cool skin, where did you get it?’ in BL3 has happened more times than I can count at this point.

    Luckily I can just tell them “Oh, I farmed X boss for it” instead of “I bought it in the store”.

    Now tell me how cosmetics don’t affect the mind of people playing?

  18. “do cosmetics matter?”

    >go to nexus mods
    >go to skyrim
    >go to popular (all time)

    “i rest my case”

  19. “…a color palette that has more range than Mariah Carey.”

    Take my like, take my subscription, and thank God for you!

  20. I love how Jim gets a expansive character creator, and some how ends up creating some unreleased JoJo villian.

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