Games Should Not Cost $60 Anymore (The Jimquisition)

There is a constant problem plaguing the game industry, if its spokespeople are to be believed. cost $60, and that price doesn’t work anymore!

Weirdly enough, The Jimquisition agrees this assessment. “AAA” should indeed not cost $60 anymore, and they most certainly have outgrown it.


  1. Hey Jim do you like the film: The Devil’s Advocate? Love the reference. Plus I wonder how many people will actually watch the video or simply read the title. Also what the hell is skeleton warriors I am lost on that reference.

  2. Jim fucking sterling strikes again… yes!!!

  3. Excellent, Jim is finishing off this pro-AAA nonsense that Extra Credit started. Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. I would just like to point out, the Battlefront season pass costs the same as Nioh with all its DLC and doesn’t offer 1% of the content quantity or quality as Team Ninja’s game. Why support a developer that does not respect you ?

  5. Not to criticize the Extra Credits people, but $70 or $80 for a game makes it a game that peasants like myself can’t afford because those are prices for gods. But I will pay $20 to $30 for a game.

  6. AAA games in Canada run $79.99 now. Of course, the Canadian dollar isn’t quite at par with the USD, but for a lot of us, it has been at par for most of our lives, so $79.99 CAD is, in fact, very equal to $79.99 USD.

  7. Here is what I was wondering while watching the Jimquisition.
    Me: You know Jim hasn’t used Skeleton Warriors in a while for the copyright deadlock, I wonder where it is.
    Literally 5 seconds later
    Me: Oh Jim you never fail to impress us. Lol.

  8. комиссар из чееки брееки

    Movies cost far more to make than games yet usually make a ton of money. And remember that a cinema ticket is about $10 and a DVD $15. Meanwhile games cost less to make and sell for a minimum of $60 (plus deluxe editions, DLC, season passes, Microtransactions, etc)

  9. AAA=Avariciously Asinine Assholes.

  10. комиссар из чееки брееки

    Finally! Someone with common sense!

  11. Shade's Insane Chamber

    The Dollar is 3 times my currency…
    So Buying games, movies and even helping on Patreon is very annoying.
    ? Less pricey games would help a bit here ?

  12. Extra Credits are a bunch of [Skeleton Warriors].

  13. комиссар из чееки брееки

    Jim Sterling always speaks the truth! We love you Jim!

  14. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    *When Jim Sterling uploads*
    Delicious. Finally some fucking good content.

  15. “You gotta admit, it’s a bloody big Mysterio.” Indeed, it’s close to the same size as Rey Mysterio.

  16. Normally when I see that title on a video I expect to hear why games should cost more but the second I saw it was from Jim I knew it was going the other way.

  17. *plays warframe once*

  18. I could not agree more. If AAA games want to act like freemium or f2p games, they should be required to be free too.

  19. Single player is dead? Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank.

  20. The problem making a video every week is that they are pretty much the same topic every week.

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