Gamers Watch Professional Halo For The First Time

isn’t just people running around and shooting each other.”

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  1. All those gamers from buzzfeeds are nubs

  2. I am a normal guy I see halo in title I watch

  3. Halo? Ugh fucking casuals. I’d rather watch pro Splatoon

    actually that would be pretty dope

  4. 1:08 Lmao ESL didn’t start in USA… It’s a German/Swedish company. And why
    did you chose Halo over games bigger esports like CS:GO, Dota 2 or

  5. Y fucking halo………. what about cs or cod wtf lmao

  6. Where do I watch competitions like this?

  7. I think the last part was a little overreacting

  8. the guy on envy was hot.. hot gamers are rare

  9. hmm I do prefer Professional Dota ;)

  10. do they have NBA 2K tournaments? I want to watch those

  11. I bet the women hate games and did it so people dont get offended

  12. My name is jeremy too just sayin

  13. #xboxisbetterthanplaystation

  14. I only know EnVyUs and Liquid

  15. Pewdiepie Schur-Haig

    I too am a gamer I play on my Ipod all the time

  16. Feels like im watching tv

  17. buzz feed and gamers at the same time. Huh, makes u think.

  18. I love watching gaming tournaments.

  19. Pistola is god

  20. The blonde looks familiar. I think I’ve seen here in a video of tiny teens.

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