Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

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A dark new chapter begins in Modern Warfare III 🔥

💪 Blockbuster campaign featuring new Open Combat Missions
🗺️ Iconic Multiplayer maps
🧟 The largest Call of Duty Zombies map ever

Plus so much more. Ready up for #MW3 soldier 👉



  1. Game trailers are getting better than movies lol

  2. I Can’t Wait For Call of duty modern warfare 3 November 10th 2023

  3. No way Price is dying

  4. Brooo verdansk is back??? Realyy??????? Holyyyyyyyy

  5. Hmm, I usually prefer a little more gameplay with my gameplay….

  6. I would wish i could just purchase the campaign for less than 70 euro because thats all i wanna play.

  7. A definite DLC to live for 😮

  8. we gonna make sure you guys work overtime to delete the comments, but you still won’t be able to stop us.

  9. Does Price die in this episode? 😢

  10. This trailer honestly did not build up any hype.

  11. 1:29 Mr.Price took “no clipping” to a whole new level.

  12. Where’s the gameplay

  13. I wish you could just buy the the campaing cause the MP gonna be the same as the last 3 years

  14. The “don’t fear the reaper” then makarov fades in and out at the end 😮‍💨

  15. Let the Call of Duty cycle of hype before launch, disappointment at arrival, and anger during the year begin.

    This will be the first Call of Duty I’m not pre ordering.

  16. This game will be what we were all hoping Mw2 would have been.

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