Game of Thrones achievements hunting

It’s achievement hunter Monday and we’re looking at Game of Thrones the role playing game. Most of these missable achievements are from decisions you make that change the story line. You can either play multiple times or just make a new save at the beginning of each chapter so you only have to reload and play the ones you missed.

Devout followerFind all the statues of the Seven
Walder in Castle Black gives Mors this side quest and you can find all the statues by Chapter 13.

The Warrior: Given by Walder at the start of the quest.
The Mother: The first time you enter Mole’s Town the statue is in one of Jeyne’s dressers in her room.
The Father: At the end of Chapter 7 you return to Westford Cottage with Mors and you’ll find a letter and the statue in one of the dressers.
The Maiden: Given to you by Bethany after returning her to Chataya’s whorehouse in Chapter 8. (See the ‘Pimp’ achievement)
The Smith: In Chapter 8 you can buy this from the armorsmith in Riverspring.
The Stranger: Also in Chapter 8 after you found your father’s documents you can return to King’s Landing and after killing everyone in the Collector’s mansion you’ll find this statue in the Collector’s Room.
The Crone: In Chapter 12 when you are disguised as one of Wex’s soldiers tell Harwyn to heal the injured soldier then return to Wex and ask for some free time with Ravella as your reward. After you’re alone with Ravella she’ll give you the last statue.

When you have all the statues return to Castle Black in Chapter 13 and give them to Walder to the quest and get the achievement.

Man of the peopleChapter 2: protect the people with Alester
As Alester walks through Riverspring you’ll interact with various people. Find and choose the following three scenarios:
– Let all four people facing executions live.
– In the marketplace swear to the peasants that you’re their side.
– During the hostage situation tell the troublemakers you’re NOT negotiating with them and you’ll have to fight them.
You get this achievement at the END of the chapter.

your placeChapter 2: protect the nobility with Alester
As Alester walks through Riverspring you’ll interact with various people. Find and choose the following three scenarios:
– Let all four people facing executions die.
– In the marketplace tell the peasants you don’t believe in their gods and kill them all.
– During the hostage situation tell the noblewoman to give the men her jewelry.
You get this achievement at the END of the chapter.

Once more unto the breachChapter 7: attack the camp without killing the sentries at the start
When you find the camp of the imposter Godrick your companions ask about strategy. Instead of taking out the sentries just charge in and fight. If you win you will get this achievement.

Am I not merciful?Chapter 8: save Orys from the City Watch
Once you get the gold cloak disguise and infiltrate the prison, talk to some of the soldiers, and then Ser Caron to gain access to the prisoners by saying you want to see what you’re betting on. Once you find Gawen, you will need to deal with the guard that shows up to get the key to Orys’ cell, which is just down the hall. After talking to Orys, choose “R’hllor does not yet claim his life”, and head upstairs to the Commander’s room to confirm his story. Use R’hllor the night stand beside the bed to get the City Watch Seal. Return to Orys and free him. Orys will join your party. Convince the guard that you are transferring the prisoner. Once you leave the prison the achievement pops.

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BloodhoundChapter 7: find all the corrupt brothers of the Night’s Watch
In Castle Black Addam Flowers will charge you with investigating corrupt brothers of the Night’s Watch. All the suspects are in the Common Hall so talk to each a certain way to get this achievement. This can only be done during Chapter 7.

– Trebor & Arthur: Be threatening and you’ll find our one of them accidentally killed someone but for a good reason. Tell them you’ll report it to Lord Mormont for him to decide on.
– Jonos: You’ll find out about his gambling racket and take his ledger as leverage. Tell him you’ll report it to Lord Mormont for him to decide on.
– Grance: Be tough and he will cough up some info the others.
– Bartram: He denies everything. Talk to Grance for more info and talk to Bartram again with your suspicions. Then use Dog to follow Bartram’s scent across the Hall where you’ll bust Gwayne packing for the two of them to flee. You’ll have to fight Gwayne and if you go back to Bartram, fight him too.

Now return to Addam Flowers and tell him who is guilty (Bartram/Gwayne) and who is innocent (everyone else). After that the achievement should pop.

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Endless watchSend 10 recruits to the Wall with Mors
This side quest starts in Chapter 7 and can be finished by Chapter 13. There are 15 possible recruits to find.

Mole’s Town:
Recruit #1: In Chapter 7 when you’re in Mole’s Town next to the counter you’ll find a guy who Mors recognizes as a deserting soldier from the Wall. Convince him to return to the Wall by telling him it’s his only option.
Recruit #2: Same place a whore will tell you that there’s a guy who won’t leave from her room. Go one level lower and you’ll find a man and he will tell you he’s a composer. Convince him that his skills are needed the Wall to inspire the soldiers.

In Chapter 13 you can talk to Jon next to the city gates about recruiting people for the Wall. After this several NPC-s will be highlighted your map.
Recruit #1: At the marketplace if you beat the crap out of Donnor he will volunteer.
Recruit #2 & 3: A villager will tell you that he’s hunted by people who he owes money to. Kill the pack of enemies next to him and after both him and the leader of the mercenaries can be recruited.
Recruit #4 & 5: If you haven’t released the two shady guys in the Riverspring dungeons to defend the city in Chapter 12 you can now convince them to volunteer.
Tell the woman that she has no place the Wall then return to Jon when you’re done.

King’s Landing:
In Chapter 13 you’ll meet a recruiter for the Wall named Morros. After talking to him several NPCs will be highlighted your map.
Recruits #1-4: Talk to the gold cloak soldier near Flea Bottom and tell him to take you to the dungeons. Here you can buy four slaves for the Wall. Be careful while haggling with the slave master the deal is off after you try to lower the price the second time.
Recruits #5 & 6: At Flea Bottom there will be two people waiting for execution. Convince the gold cloaks that serving at the Wall is worse than death and they will let you have them.
Return to Morros after you’re done.

Go back to Mormont at Castle Black to finish the quest and get the achievement.

CollectorSeize the three objects of value from the Collector with Alester
This side quest ‘Avenge Riverspring’ unlocks during Chapter 8 after you find your father’s documents. Return to King’s Landing and enter the Collector’s Manse. You’ll have to fight everyone. In the final room you’re going to fight the Collector and his lackeys. After beating them looting all three items in the room will grant you this achievement.

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The GreatestEmerge triumphant in the final arena combat
During Chapter 8 you’ll find in the underground arena as Alester. If you leave and come back to the arena master you can fight other opponents that climb in difficulty. Beating the champion Lucifer will get you this achievement.

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PimpConvince Bethany to return to Chataya’s brothel with Alester
In Chapter 8 at King’s Landing a man named Hubb will ask you to help his friend Bethany. Talk to her in Flea Bottom and agree to talk to the nobleman. Find him and listen to his story, then search Bethany’s room in Chataya’s whorehouse to find a letter. Give the letter to Chataya. Talk to the nobleman again and agree to meet Beth in Flea Bottom. Take his side during the argument and defeat the thugs. Afterwards she’ll agree to return to the whorehouse. Then talk to her again there to get the achievement.

DesecrationChapter 8: find the key in Alester’s father’s tomb
After finding the secret door in father’s study you’ll get the quest to find the sex keys to open in. Instead, head to the Godswood and down to the ‘Tunnels under Riverspring’. Look around the tomb until you find your father’s casket and take his amulet which is really the master key to the secret door.

The butcher comes to dinnerChapter 9: kill 6 of Lord Harlton’s soldiers during the fight at dinner
At the dinner you’ll be poisoned so your health will continuously drop. Use healing potions while fighting and kill 6 soldiers before you pass out. There is no way to overcome the poison it is part of the story.

‘Tis but a scratch !Chapter 9: suffer all the physical abuse during the torture sequence
Refuse to answer questions and insult the torturers through several cut scenes to get this achievement.

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Unrivaled strategistChapter 12: take back Riverspring with a total victory
When Harwyn finally asks you how to arrange the troops tell him to:
– Send the archers to Ryman at the marketplace.
– Send the pikemen to Greydon at the gate.
– Send the peasants to Jon at the docks.

Lesser of two evilsChapter 14: come to the aid of the Reapers
Note to get this achievement you must have first have left either Orys or Ax alive during previous chapters. Soon after entering King’s Landing you’ll see the Reapers fighting city guards. Join the Reapers in defeating the guards and the achievement will pop.

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My darkest hourChapter 15: execute the judgement passed down the Westfords
When you reach this flashback as Alester you are faced with a terrible decision. Just do it for this achievement.

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