Game Theory: Will the Fortnite Meteor Destroy EVERYTHING? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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The Fortnite meteor is COMING and everyone wants to know “What Will Happen?!” Well Theorists, I’ve tracked the patterns. I’ve done the math. I’ve looked HOURS of this game – and I know the answer. Today I’m going to tell you what this meteor means for the future of Fortnite.

Gamers, You’re getting PLAYED!


  1. Matpat, I’m literally having a test on meteors and meteorites on Thursday in my Astronomy course ??

  2. Holy overanalyzing Batman!

  3. Steps to be trending on April. 2018:

    1st step: Make a vid about Fortnite


  5. Second thought? Or second THOT!? What am I doing….?

  6. Wait, April 18th isn’t on the end of the 3rd season. 3:04

  7. Who predicted there was going to be Majora’s Mask reference before even clicking on the video? Predictable Matpat.

  8. Maybe its not the day april 18 , maybe its april 18 (as in 2018) sometime in april 2018. When the season is done then it will hit there is even a dinosaur banner to put on your profile on one of the last couple days. Maybe they can make another map thats just tilted like a city. Interesting video, lots of numbers and calculating, thanks for your time cause i would never wanna calculate all that stuff.

  9. Scrima Games (Gamers' Reality)

    If the meteor hits, I think it will happen once season 3 is over — it’ll signal the end of the space them and there will be a new theme. Then again they update this game way too much so who knows.

    Also, love the song at the subscribe outro: “ES_Thrillseeker 1 – Gustavsson & Sandberg.” Actually had that song on one of my Game Thesis videos on the sub outro in the past as well.

  10. Looks like someone was awake in math class

  11. *dank memez < dank maths*

  12. But maybe that’s not all ! Maybe the thing under tilted is actually a transmittor that called Alien space ships and they are coming on Tilted, that would explain why they are slow and why theres already something under tilter :3

  13. you forgot acceleration and gravity gradients… just saying…

  14. What about acceleration

  15. We got trolled…

  16. Well, I’ve heard that Fortnite is being deleted from copying PUBG, so maybe the meteor KILLS Fortnite?

  17. A18 is April ‘18 (2018), not the 18th. This could give when season 3 ends, starting with a bang and new theme to season 4

  18. Actually, when the meteor enters the Earth’s (or Fortnite’s) atmosphere, the gravitational pull will make the meteor fall a lot faster. So there you go, speed problem solved.

    *Nailed it*

  19. Xcomthe Gamer 2.0 v

    Bro u wrong again! ???? today is April 19th 2018

  20. Did u even think about the fact that the meteor would speed up when it entered Earths atmosphere due to gravity?

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