Game Theory: Watch This Backwards To Release The Devil (Trombone Champ)

Loyal Theorists, today discuss one of the year's most important games. One that FUNDAMENTALLY changed my life, and I know it will change yours… Champ. The seemingly silly and light rhythm-based game where you wield the MIGHTY trombone and along some non- music ACTUALLY is hiding something MUCH darker under the surface. So GRILL up those hot dogs and settle in fellow tromboners, we have MUCH to discuss.

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  1. You should totally make a theory about Labyrinthine, which is a horror game inside a labyrinth with much LLLOOOOORRREEE that I’m too stupid to understand

  2. Hello there nice vid
    Can you sometime down the line do a hifi rush vid?

  3. here’s an idea for a theory (I’ve been thinking about it for a while). How many items can you store in Minecraft world full of double chests (world border to world border, bedrock to build limit)

  4. Thanks matpat now I know that the trombone is ness

  5. I can tell matpat I went to chicken rico and got a burrito and he’d take every single detail from that one sentence to make a dark story.

  6. The sponsor needs a tvshow.

  7. great episode I am curious why you went with style theory though when this videos proves you should have gone music theory


  9. Violin or harmonica legend coming out in 2024

  10. I literally ate hotdogs for dinner earlier today… Illuminati is truly confirmed

  11. Grinded?

  12. guitar hero but it has actuall lore written on the game and you play w a trombone

  13. U tellin me, we coulda got music theory

  14. This was so much fun to watch over on GTLive

  15. Please do a theory on the roblox game Loomian Legacy, it’s a pokemon inspired game and has L O R E

  16. ah yes, more of mat overanalyzing an innocent trombone game

  17. We All Die Some Day

    3:18 the galaxy kinda looks like a baboon.

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