Game Theory: This Cat KILLED The Human Race! (Stray)

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Have you played the cat yet? I'm amazed it took this long, honestly. In the game you play as a cat helping a world of robots fight a consuming threat called the Zurks. By the end – spoilers – you have saved the day. Except… you haven't. Maybe. That's what we are talking about today. Did the cat REALLY save the world? Let's find out!

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Writers: and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Anna Mavrogonatou

    Hey Matpat, why not making a video about Old Root, Minecraft’s Greatest and Unsolved Mystery! Trust me, it cointains more LORE than fnaf… Btw love your content

  2. I love your vids I have watched your first FNAF video.

  3. sucks to be the zuks I just downloaded Windows antivirus

  4. 7:38 i remember that character from the “how long can you survive in a supermarket” video lol :3

  5. You’ve missed a rather damning piece of evidence that I think supports your theory. During the final cutscene when the sentry drones have cornered Clementine, when the sun hits them, they fall to the ground mimicing their previous evolutionary stage.

  6. Even if zurk upload their conscience to a robot they can no longer keep their destructive nature is more like the cat released the next intelligence to take over after humans.

  7. the one and only guess

    How does everybody have a cat who attacks them like there is no way I’ve had two cats so far and both of them were loving

  8. I’ll watch this but I will take what you say with a grain of salt

  9. MattPattBee

  10. I think that the sun can actually kill the zurks in the sewer but the UV light is too weak

  11. but maybe the sun has enough uv light to kill the ‘immune zurks” becuse maybe the are immune to a certain amount of uv light

  12. Stop with the cat jokes;-;

  13. Love your videos keep it up

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