Game Theory: FNAF, You’re Going To Hate This (FNAF Security Breach)

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Friends, I am so sorry for the FNAF theory that we’re presenting to you today. This upsets me as much as does you, and as frustrating as it might be to hear, I really do think it’s right. There’s just too much evidence surrounding Baby being the one working from the shadows to run Fazbear Entertainment to ignore. I believe she’s doing her best to follow through on the promise she made back in FNAF 6, “I will make you proud, Daddy.” So lower your pitchforks, put out those torches… and hear me out with this one.

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Golden Freddy NEVER Existed!
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Writers: Matthew and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, Pedro Freitas and Warak
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  1. Isn’t the blob the boss

  2. Wtf she got scooped

  3. 5:27 drink up

  4. Hehe here’s an idea for a theory what will be in the black box in kingdom hearts 4m

  5. You were right I do hate this theory

  6. Also, Elisabeth’s room has mangle in it, a *broken* animatronic. What if a lot of those “unfinished” pieces were built using the mangle.

    I’m no matpat but i wanted to point that tidbit out.

  7. boxy boo is coming in poppy playtime 3

  8. There is no straight forward lore, this series is just 2nd person narrative meant to send you on a goose chase. That’s why some pieces fit together but not all. That’s the whole point of FNAF lol.

  9. I can’t wait for a fnaf movie theory on film theory

  10. 17:22 the last laugh almost sounds like the golden Freddy laugh but a higher and slight faster pitch

  11. 𝔸ꀎ𝕋ꀎ𝕄ℕ꒒ẏ_A͙͚̙︀︀︀ɯɯɯɆꌚꄲ︀︀ᗰE̸!!!꧁

    Video 5 of asking you to do a theory on roblox piggy

  12. i love watching matpat lose his mind


  14. 1 I love your theories your GAME THEORY 2 plz do a bendy theory

  15. Actually I like this theory it all makes sense it’s a key part of the timeline

  16. i haven’t watched yet but all i can say is i prob won’t be mad… UNLESS YOU BRING GOLDEN FREDDY BACK!!!!

  17. Honestly soon enough fnaf lore won’t just mean lore about fnaf, it’ll also mean “lore that is too complex and difficult to understand that it cannot be done by a human” and that, my fellow viewers, is my proof of why MatPat is an animatronic from the fnaf universe who came into the real world to make us lose our minds.


  19. how does a simple fun game from my childhood become painful to understand all these years later???

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