Game Theory: FNAF, The Rise Of Afton (Ultimate Timeline)

Friends, today I’m back with part 2 of our FNAF timeline, what we’re dubbing “The Afton Era”. This spans most of what we see in the games. I’m excited to finally be diving into the games after spending the last episode having to do a lot of extrapolating from outside sources. You all are going to want to STRAP IN for this one, cause it’s gonna get CRAZY
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  1. I need all of it in one video so I can watch it on repeat

  2. Ann- Gо T0 my chаnnеl livе -NOW-💜

    This video hit #1 on trending and has stayed there for hours! Congrats, team!

  3. I was Wondering why wasn’t Elizabeth at his birthday party? Could this mean she died first?

  4. Style is really lame compred to Space theory.

  5. You should make Theory Theory. It should just be about everything and it could have all 4 colours.

  6. congrats Glad you made it on #1 on Trending in only 1 day

  7. I never thought we’d reach the end..

  8. The fact i love fashion and i never thought this would be approach is amazing

  9. One more video and you hit 600 vids congrats

  10. DigitalDemon Gaming

    ok, five minutes in me gonna comment bout springlocks
    Fredbear was in animatronic mode, meaning springlocks where already clamped and locked. They would not be able to trigger because the were already unwound.

  11. Its great you guys got a forth channel 🙂 I will definetly watch it.

  12. Number uno proud theorist community

  13. Hi youtube @toxickat

  14. ahhh cliff hangers love it though

  15. Missed opportunity for world theory

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